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Rapid fat loss

OK T-Men, I am going on a cruise on Feb 10th, and I am way to fat for my taste. I am not obese, just, stocky. What would be the best course of action. I am debating between GBC with keto diet. Heavy upper body, low reps, heavy weights, heavy volume with alt days of huge amounts of body weight squats, ala warrior training in this e-mag issue. I am not too concerned with strength loss, easily reobtained, not too worried about muscle loss if and only if it is coupled with a huge amount of fat loss. Help brothers!! As the cruise is taking place over Valentines day, I assume any single girls are going to be pretty easy pickings. I just want to have an edge.

I would try the fat fast diet if I were you. I am on it right now, and I have lost 17 pounds in 2 weeks. It also has really low muscle loss if you use Androsol. It works unbelievablly well if you are able to do it because it is mentally tough.

Nothing like a deadline to kick people into high gear. I agree with Shawn. Feb. 10 is only 3 wks. away, and Fat Fast will definitely be your quickest route. Not an easy plan by any stretch of the imagination but if you’re not overly concerned w. muscle loss give it a go. By the way GBC combined w. the Fat Fast is not fun. You might want to keep a bucket closeby.

I agree with the recommendations of the other guys. Since I’ve been in your situation, here is my 2 cents: Keep your shirt on. Take it off only when the lights are closed. You don’t have to be half naked to pick up chicks, they are not like us.

Check this out cousin. I went on a cruise around the carib. in dec. Chics galore on the islands and the Carinval coming out of Miami. A strict fat fast diet would get you there. But it ain’t gonna keep you there. If you are like me you take the cruise seeking out the most fun, the hottest chics, and the coolest bars. With that said I would (if I were you) go for the warriors diet. The only fall back is along with rapid fat loss there is some muscle loss. Take plenty of glutamine, alpha lipoic acid, and Tribex and let the good times role. You can follow this diet on the ship by waiting till night to gorge on some serious calories. It ain’t healthy not by a long shot…but for rapid weight loss and keeping it off it takes the cake.

By the way the babes only went for stallions who could walk around with no shirt (bad boys); or the guys with serious bank accounts. It may be different on your cruise but I DOUBT IT.