Rapid fat loss

I need the best possible advice and I need it but quick. I am taking pictures on the 20th and need to dump the absolute most fat, with a desired goal of lean muscle maintenance. I tried body comp training but I got so gassed I almost puked. Should I blast through it?, follow warrior diet with some restraint, low carb??? Help!! I can’t take anything I may test + for.

My thoughts are whole body routine, alternate days major muscle groups, higher reps and sets,
1b pulldown,
1c incline bench, one minute in between,
2a stiff dead,
2b row,
2c flat bench 4X15,
3a reverse crunch
3b calf raise, 2x15
4a dip
4b dumbell curl, 2x15
5a decline skull crusher
5b preacher curl 2x15
alternate days, walking, some ab bench?

too much? not enough?

If I was trying to lose fat that fast I would do the fat fast diet and increase the volume and cardio. I would also take a thermogenic.