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Rapid Fat Loss



Looks like the old one got locked.


Geez that's so screwed up.
It locked right after I posted that you look awesome Chimy.

So yeah, looking good Chimy :slightly_smiling:


Thanks Nikki, you threadkiller you.

I apologize for the dumbass look on my face, I was trying to flex hard :stuck_out_tongue:


i have a before and after picture from the Warp speed fat loss.. if that fits in here ?


Here's the pic I posted when the last thread got locked.


Chimy you are really looking great!


Thanks Deb :smiley: Progress this week has been surprisingly fast, down 7 pounds.


Excellent! Do you think it's the 28 days followed by the break? I do something similar once a week, strictly follow 6 days, do what I want for one. After 40 pounds with very steady losses and now at the infamous last 10, it seems to keep me on a downward trend (even if it's one pound a month -- I'll take it).


Damn, 40 pounds is pretty impressive! Good luck with the last 10.

I think the break definitely helped, especially from the fatigue aspect.


Hey Chim, hadn't been following but checked in today, you're tearing shit UP bro! Awesome job man, seriously.


Thanks Ink, I really appreciate it!


No problem dude, I'm right there with you on the "lose this gut" thing!


I'd recommend the RFL then! (Shocker)


get some Chimmy!!! (The pics are saying no image provided) so I'll have to check back in and see the visuals tomorrow... sounds like you're doin work though


Thanks Greg! How's BBB going (if you ended up doing it)?


^havent started yet. Want to soon but I'm working with a buddy now and getting him back into lifting. Dont wanna jump him right into BBB so we're doing a more basic bodypart split right now


Good on you for not killing him with BBB then. Good luck when you do end up starting.


Chim, you have made amazing progress! Go you!


Thanks Greeny!


Chim, I loved your recipes in the other thread. We will have to try it sometime.

They should start a Recipe Thread, that stays at the top of this board. There are such awesome recipes all over this site, it would be great if they were all in one spot.