Rapid Fat Loss and Health

Hey guys, i wanted to get some informed opinions about the effects of a diet like Lyle Mcdonald’s rapid fat loss. For myself (8% BF, 170lb) it recommends roughly 1450 cals all from protein, and 10g fish oil. Would such a low calorie diet have ramifications on my general health, particularly my thyroid health?

If done short-term you’ll be fine assuming no major current health issues.

you are 8%, 170 lbs, yet want to go on a diet called ‘rapid fat loss’.


With your stats, that’s only a ten or eleven-day diet

So I don’t imagine you’d have much to worry about

i’m not saying its something i have in mind right now. I’m currently trying to add more muscle, carb cycling with 2800 cal off day and 3000 cal training day. I’d call rapid fat loss my safety net, in the event i end up with to much fat gain although i anticipate little to none.

Best path is a start daily exercise at early morning and After exercise, Take any nutrition supplement like protein powder, Protein shakes…which is useful to loss wight and fat with strong muscle…


I think that is actually not a bad idea, I am in the middle of a Rapid Fat loss 12 day stint and its not that bad at all. put your food into 2 meals post workout and you’ll be full anyway, its good to time it with a de-load from training too as intense exercise and caloric expenditure is not actually recommended on the diet.