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Rapid Fat Loss 4.0


I win.

Lets keep this going.

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would that sashimi fit within the rfl macros I wonder?

It looks pretty tasty! I eat a lot of white fish and asparagus w/wasabi and soy sauce anyway. It's always good to try something different, especially on this diet.


I love sashimi (just the straight fish)

Nigiri is when the slices of fish are on top of the rice... One time I went to sushi and ate $50 worth of sashimi for dinner. It was amazing... mmmmm sushi!


its easy to eat that stuff up.. :drool:

I'm finally feeling and LOOKING slimmer, especially through the middle which is good. When you can look in the mirror and just tell, you know you are on the right track. It took me awhile!
I took a few days off and now I have a cold. I don't feel like eating much anyway so I got this. probably won't be training for a few days to get over this crud.
If I feel terrible I won't be scared to have some oatmeal or fruit, etc..


Congrats on looking better in the mirror!

Sorry about the cold though.


Thanks..how is being off the diet treating you?

Ready for another round? :slightly_smiling:


Haha, I have to admit it's pretty nice. I'm considering a more moderate diet instead of another round but I'm not sure yet.



Refeed yesterday.

I ate two pounds of pasta in one sitting.

No excuses, SH.


So far, 3 c cinnamon toast crunch, 3 c skim milk, a turkey sammich on a white roll. Aboit to get down on 2 lbs of candied sweet potato and cinnamon raisin bread. Some chicken and lean beef in there too, but who cares about that stuff.


Stop cockteasing me with carbos and post your starting stats so we can track this little experiment.


ya, break it down Stronghold! :slight_smile:

I saw Bronkaid at Walmart..
you just take the little thingy up to the pharmacist and voila! But I didn't get any. I'm getting used to my eating schedule anyway.

How you can get used to 8-900 calories is beyond me.

Chim- I understand...it's hard to come back to this diet mentally after taking a break. How much more are you looking to lose?


Well looks like I'm gonna have to join you all back on. I've got my first PL meet coming up in Nov as many of you know and need to be at 181. Well....I'm at 194 right now so time to cut down a bit so I don't have to dry out too much to make weight. Plus with halloween comin up I figure it's time to get some SiCk HaWt AbZ!!!


That should be a cinch for you..what Category?


Hmm, probably another 10 pounds or so.


I could eat this all day!


Cat 1 I think. I'm still around 10-11% bodyfat. Putting new vids up on my log, kind of hard to tell from there but it will give you a clue as to what I'm lookin like with clothes on.


Food porn.


So I'm down about 10 lbs after 2 weeks (and a really bad first weekend being 200 miles away for a whole weekend and forgetting my giant bag of beef jerky...) and I just remembered that this weekend is the Warrior Dash.

Now, being that I don't want to collapse in the middle of a 5k obstacle course due to my glycogen stores being practically nonexistent, anybody have a good idea how I should time/extend my refeed? I'm in category 2, so I get a 5-hour ~200g refeed, but would that give me enough gas in the tank for the warrior dash the next morning?

I'll take new measurements and pics friday morning. I'm planning on doing 2 more full weeks of the diet after this, then at least 2 weeks off, and then probably back into 4-5 weeks of RFL.


what about 2 moderate carb days to refuel instead of 1 huge 5hr refeed?

just a thought. How do marathoners do it?


oh and congrats on the losses!! I've got about 2 weeks left myself.

yay team.