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Raped by the Republican


Has everyone been following this? Radical feminist Lena Dunham described in her autobiography how she was raped at college by the school's resident Republican; his name was "Barry", he had a deep voice like Barry White, a big moustache and he wore purple cowboy boots. Only, there's no one at her campus that looks like that. There is however, a guy called Barry in super senior year who is the college's resident Republican and now he's suing Ms Dunham.

Any thoughts about this? I think it reveals a very sick mind. The campus Republican with a big moustache; the rapist. There's clearly a masturbatory element to this if you read her writing.


It's the cult of victimhood.


Sounds like she's describing...


When the President does it, that means it's not illegal.


She also described checking out her sister's vagina when she was a toddler and masturbating in bed next to her (describing her body as muscly and sticky) until she was 17, or so.


Interesting writeup.


Sadly this is being ignored because she is female but is actually more prevalent than male children molesting their siblings.


Yeah i agree. Very disturbed person, but she's female so it'll be ignored like many sexually deranged women are.

I should say that she likely was sexually abused by her mother as a child but didn't write about that part of her life.


Guaranteed she would be getting the Cosby treatment if she wasn't a liberal female.


It's not because she's female, it's because she's a leftist/Democrat



Good article. TIME Magazine is still taking her seriously after her story has been revealed as fantasy. They're treating "Barry" as a "composite character" of all the Republican rapists who've assaulted her. Kind of like Obama's composite white girlfriend in Dreams From My Father; the one he broke up with because of her racism only she never existed. Leftists live in a dreamworld where they can't distinguish reality from figments of their own imagination.


I don't think you need to make excuses for her. "Yeah she did horrible things, but she's a victim too!" No.


Here he is...


Something tells me Ron is not a Republican.




Let's call a grand jury. Or "Grand Jewelry" if you from St. Louis.