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Rape and Violence Against Men


I noticed that it is taboo to joke about rape, but only when the victim is a female. However, no one cares when male rape victims are made fun of. Alot of people will say that prisoners, especially those convicted of violent crimes, deserve to be raped in prison. However, these people normally mean male prisoners deserve to be raped. If a woman committs an equally horrible crime, no one says (at least publically) that they hope she gets violated in every hole by a big, burly 300 pound prison guard. And it would be taboo to say that no matter what the woman did or how horrible her crime was.

There's a video about Fleece Johnson aka the booty warrior, who describes how he forces men (most likely young, heterosexual men) into receiving anal sex either "the easy way or the hard way". He also talks about how if you "sag your pants in here someone will be all up in your butt". And this video practically made him an internet celebrity, even landing him a role on the Boondocks. Now imagine if this same man was saying the same things, but directing them towards women. Imagine if he talked so matter-of-factly about forcing women to have sex with him "the easy way or the hard way" or him tellling women that if her skirt is too short or her blouse cut too low someone would be "all up in her pussy".

I'll tell you what would happen. If that was directed towards women, there'd be much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. There'd be calls for Fleece Johnson to be castrated, there'd be internet white knight tough guys talking about what they'd do to him if they ever saw him on the street etc, etc.


No there wouldn't, because he would rape them and they know it.

The only reason they would even go there is if they were trying to trick him into ravaging their manhole.


Good point.



He is talking about raping his fellow inmates. I don't see the connection to what if he were talking about women. They don't have co-ed prisons as far as I know.


^ Yeah this kinda seems like you have a ridiculous gripe. I would think the best correlation you could make would be if a woman was talking about raping men on the streets, and no one said anything about it.

Who really gives a fuck if criminals are being raped in prison. Don't be a criminal.


I did actually say something along these lines about Casey Anthony.


He'd be a star of an entirely different film industry and making much more money than the Boondocks can pay him. This has got to be baiting of some sort, you can't be this naive. Are you just not old enough to know about or have seen these movies?

EDIT: This sounded way too shallow. There's just too big a divide in the culture and act for it to be relevant when delivered in the female direction.


Bit of trivia, homosexual rape of men has been rapidly increasing in the US military (all branches) starting with "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and spiking upwards with under Obama's policies such that now most rape victims in the US military are men.


Makes you want to sign your 17 year old boy up, huh? Get raped and then dumped in an ego-driven war in Syria!


I think it's a fair gripe. Prison is meant to rehabilitate criminals, not turn them into pin cushions. I don't think being a criminal justifies being raped, sometimes brutally and constantly.

All of us are one bad decision away from going to prison. A 6 month sentence shouldn't turn into life altering trauma.

You have to either look at all rape as disgusting or acceptable. Which side of the fence are you on?


After 12ish years in the hands of Kevin Jenning's 'Safe' schools, they'll be more than prepared...

Remember, you are a Christian zealot and there is no agenda.


It is not meant to rehabilitate anyone. Rehabbing one's self is up to the person. And for most of these guys, they go in with a high school diploma in crime, only to come out with a Phd.

Prison rape is almost never random, it's usually from a owing a debt, talking shit, being a sex offender, or poking your nose where it doesn't belong.


Well the problem is the supposition of gender identities.

Women are inherently believed to be weaker than men, and therefore unable or at a disadvantage when defending themselves. Whereas it is assumed that men can 'take care of themselves.'

However if you pause to consider that anyone in a less powerful position or circumstance regardless of gender can be at the same disadvantage when it comes to resisting sexual advances, then gender becomes less important.


Best post.

You have to be pretty vulgar to wish rape on others.


No one ever deserves to be raped, even if they make a poor choice once or multiple times. Pedophiles are some of the worst people in the world, in my mind. However if someone else where to then attack them, how are they any different?

Complete and utter bs!! ^ If a girl where to learn about the different self defenses available, she could literally subdue a number of LARGE attackers, in moments of time. There are women I know who command respect, wherever they go. My daughters will all be the same way.

My brother was raped by a beached whale. After he was drunk enough, she slapped him so he would stay hard for her. He was drunk enough that he was fading in and out of consciousness. Why was she justified, yet a pos cannot be? Follow your thoughts to their logical conclusions before posting on T-Nation please.


Gender identity is a crappy buzzword. This dichotomy existed well before the notion of gender identity existed. Certainly before the term did. Either you're using a shitty term for a more general and complex issue or you're cutting the important parts out of the issue to focus on one specific aspect for some reason.

You say 'gender identity' but you only describe means. However, the difference exist through means, motive, and opportunity to a culture-wide level. Asexual portrayals of men in prison in virtually any media are a dime a dozen, sexual or insinuated sexual portrayals are more rare, portrayals of women in prison, in general are less than even the sexual portrayals of men. Watch any given season of COPS and tally up the number of men you see arrested relative to women. Women tend to get arrested less and tend to go to jail less. The exception to this aspect of our culture is pornography. Portrayals of women in prison being raped are dominated by explicit depiction of sex. When men get raped in prison, it's a cut scene, when women get raped in prison the camera zooms in. Along those lines, women enjoy sex entirely differently from men. There is less/none of a dominant aspect to sex. There is also a greater sense of empathy. Sex where there is no/less dominance and more empathy is harder to wield as a social weapon but certainly easier to wield for entertainment purposes. Additionally, even for women who buck all of the above trends and desire to rape men, there is greater opportunity for 'consensual' rape and/or acts that legally walk the border between consensual sex and rape.

Saying 'the problem is the supposition of gender identities' is the same bullshit feminism tag lines from the 60-70s. You're not doing anything to enhance understanding or clarify roles, you're just perpetuating old dataless stereotypes and perpetuating new ones.

For anyone (of appropriate legal age) who thinks raping of women isn't enjoyed for entertainment purposes, I recommend broader use of the internet. Misogyny is certainly not a new concept or form of entertainment.


How in any way did I justify this? I said that anyone in a less advantageous circumstance becomes subject to abuse, you just reiterated my point.

And as far self defense goes, sure 1 gal out of how many really put a priority in this? Stop trying to use specifics to refute my general statements, of course it happens but its a question of quantity.

And believe me I can utilize logic well enough, its your irrational leaps that make little sense.


Ok listen, I didn't mean gender identities in the sense of socially defined gender norms, perhaps the connotation of 'gender indentity' is too strong.

How about general perception? The general perception is that women, at least historically, have been less able to defend themselves against unwanted advances, and it is from this that the moral abhorrence of rape towards women is held higher than that of men.

Again I am in no way saying that it is worse, I'm just trying to provide an explanation for the underlying sentiment.

The fact that internet perversions exist doesn't really affect what I said.


AHEM crappy buzzword and poor examples. Nobody knows crap about gender identities and, despite popular assertion, it can't be quantified, documented, or studied. You might as well have said the problem is the 'kindness of their souls' or 'a lack of wolf spirits'.


It does if you picked the needle out of the haystack and said it was the reason when, in fact, the haystack is full of needles or the haystack, needles and all, is itself the reason.

My mention of internet porn wasn't really meant to dispel your assertion about gender identities. I was refuting the original premise or query to which you posited gender identities or gender stereotypes was the cause or the explanation.

You said gender identity is why the portrayal raping women isn't funny, entertaining, or common, I'm saying there's plenty of entertainment found in the rape of women it just doesn't fit the particular skewed and narrow definition of taboo or acceptable definition that the OP holds. Women may or may not be thought of as the weaker sex, it's immaterial. Even if they aren't the weaker sex or society doesn't think of them that way, they don't experience sex the same and don't approach/use it the same. Even if they do experience and use sex the same way, there's plenty of entertainment found by plenty of people in the rape of women and, in many ways, it's more chronic and socially acceptable than the portrayal of men in the same position.