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Rapamycin and Anti-Aging?

So…I had a really interesting conversation with a person that is currently in a clinical trial at Washington University. This guy was telling me about meetings that he has with a panel of doctors and how this longevity specialist was going on about rapamycin being incredible for anti-aging and increasing ejection fraction etc. Anyone heard of this?

It’s an immunosuppressant, so hard to imagine you’d live long enough disease-free to enjoy the benefits that mTOR blocking can allegedly produce.

FYI, the study you’re referencing is for dogs. So we’re many years away from anyone touching this in human trials.

I saw the study you are talking about but this was a doctor at a university. The guy I was talking to wasn’t in an anti-aging study. He was in a study for a cancer drug and was just in a room with this Dr and making conversation.

Washington University is where they’re conducting the animal trials, so that makes sense. Either way, all of this is science fiction until someone proves it can actually work. I manage money for a living and my clients have a lot of exposure to biotech. Over the years you accept failure rates >90% and assume that almost everything is a dead end until proven otherwise.

We should start an investment thread! I love to make money.

Most of my clients do as well. Although some of them have a real knack for losing it in spectacular and often hilarious ways.

That’s usually what happens to me when I pick my own stocks.

I manage a fair bit of money and I’ll be honest, the people who just listen to our long term recommendations and avoid dumb mistakes end up doing better than the speculators in the long run. You can either invest or gamble. Personally, I do both. I keep an account that is strictly for options and one week I’ll make a few grand and the next week I’ll lose it all. But my retirement? It’s in boring things that over time work fine but never wow you on paper.

OP sorry for derailing your thread. It will just be this one post.

But day trading is so much fun.
I have to admit though the stock market has been rather boring for the last few years.
Buy and hold seems to be the thing today. I miss 10% corrections and extreme volatility when the bad news hit the wire.

I retired 10 years early thanks to the stock market. I miss the old day. My first experience with a down market was the NASDAQ crash. Lost about 100K in that mess but learned a lot.

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Day trading ( by which I assume you mean stock options and the like) interests me but I don’t really understand it.

Hi @hmcyl since you are the OP I will offer a little info on day trading. It is basically buying and selling stocks for a very short term gain. You can get an Etrade or Ameritrade or Schwab account for as little as 5000 bucks. Then you can buy and sell stock on the nasdaq S&P 500 and NewYork Stock exchange. There are many other things you can do but it would take way too long to go into them.

If you have some money you don’t need to pay your bills it is worth it to get smart on the stock markets. Daytrading with small amounts of money is a great way to learn. The company I use gives free training. it’s a blast.