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Rap Video About Hunger in Africa


apparently it not only affects poor children, but also middle class rappers


Sorry, I only made it to 1:13 as the girl's voice sounded awful.

I think that hunger in Africa can be cured not with food packages but the US State Department and 2 or 3 Divisions of the army.

Hell, not even...2 or 3 brigades. Problem solved.


I've spent years working in Africa. The place is fucked, and nothing is going to fix it. Nothing.


I said this before, I went to school with his brother.

His name is Waddy Jones, and he does these "side projects" which certain people seem to love. I can't understand it, it's horrible!

He has got talent though.


Yup! I grew up there.

Any charities taking money to help them are only doing so to make handsome profits 90% of the time.


This is garbage.

Ay e ay e ay I am a butterfly, I need your protection, be my samurai? Really? These people look coked out.


Can you believe they got signed by Interscope?


Are they brother and sister? They look similar. When I first seen them on TV I had a VERY hard time trying to figure out if that girl was a boy or not.


Yea I saw that and I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Especially since I have heard so many much better and more deserving artists with no sort of funding or record deals.


This was a shoot and a miss for me. Independent hip-hop is often like that I think(hit or miss that is). It's always cool to see somebody attack new subjects though.


So how many people has this song fed?


Lol you guys must see how afrikaans rap has shot up over the last year or two here in South Africa.
Everybody wants to be Die Antwoord and Jack Parow. Fucking crazy and how Die Antwoord got that record deal is beyond me and most people because they are shit, jesus we saw them at a music festival the other day and half the crowd had left before their third song!

But jack parow is fucking jaaaas! :slight_smile:


Heard about that in a while. These guys have one of the most weird ass music videos i've ever seen, in case you havent heard it here it is


Jack Parow is also kak. Only SA house music is decent nowadays.