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Rap music help... Nate Dogg anyonelse that listens to rap music

I trying to start a collecting rap music… Was wonderning if anyone can help me out… So far I am into Emimen and DMX… any albumn recomendation would helpful…

Something w/ a deep bass… work-out music ect…


N.E.R.D. “In Search Of,”
Clipse “Lord Willin’”
Uhhh… Fabolous’ stuff… 50 Cent stuff…

Hope this helps


Fitone…while I don’t have much as far as the newer genre, I can recommend some fantastic “old-school” stuff that makes for some killer workout music:

Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg-Deep Cover
Cypress Hill-How I Could Just Kill A Man, Throw Your Set In The Air
Method Man-Release Yo’Self (Prodigy remix)
ODB-Brooklyn Zoo, Heaterz
Onyx-Throw Ya Gunz
Snoop Dogg-Pump Pump
NWA-A Hundred Miles and Runnin, Real Niggaz Don’t Die, Appetite For Destruction
Big Daddy Kane-Nuff Respect
MC Serch-Hits the Head
Redman-Time 4 Sum Action, Let’s Get Dirty
Ice T-Ricochet
Ice Cube-Really Doe, Wicked
Wu Tang-Protect Ya Neck
2Pac-Holla If Ya Hear Me

Also if you like rap/metal fusion, you must check out the Judgment Night sdrtk…in particular House of Pain/Helmet, Slayer/Ice-T and Onyx/Biohazard.

I’m sure I’ll think of more, but these are just off the top of my head.

Missy, The Roots, 50 cent is pretty tight, Jay Z (especially the Unplugged)…uh…if you wanna go old school get some PE.

I rarely listen to rap music, so I can’t tell you anything about what you are looking for…I only make my own records! HA!

If you want some real good hip hop I would suggest visiting collectorsedition.biz and buying some 50 cent mixtapes, notably Automatic Gunfire. Good workout music. Also anything by Rage Against the Machine is great workout music (I know not technically rap, but rap-core). 2Pac’s Makavelli CD should fire you up too.

Try Little Jon and the Eastside Boyz “Kings of Crunk” Also try any of DJ Kay Slay’s mixtape albums (any song with the LOX is a can’t miss)

oh man… no one mentioned Tribe?

De la Soul

Jungle Brothers

Jurassic 5

Digital Underground

Busta Rhymes and much much more…

One word: Outkast

Gotta go with The Tribe Called Quest…best rap group ever!!! All their albums (especially their first 3)…are classic!

The Roots (ALL albums)
Mobb Deep
Missy Elliot
Wu-Tang Clan (1st 2 and last album only)
Tha Alkaholics
BIGGIE…gotta go with the best mc ever!

Anything but rap.PLEASE

oh yeah…

thanks poohbaya for the outkast suggestion.

funny, their bombs over baghdad song would come in handy now.

Public Enemy … especially Appocalypse 91 and Fear of a Black Planet. This stuff is great hardcore rap.

Ice Cube
Boot Camp Click
De La Soul
Cypress Hill - some songs from Skull and Bones rock pretty hard
RedMan/Method Man

For something a little different try:

Dr. Octagon

Beastie Boys - Paul’s Boutique (This album was the start of a truly incredible progression in rap music, in my opinion).

Wow! Monty, you brought back some memories. You just listed about 75% of the songs I had on my first workout tape I made in high school. I had forgotten about most of those songs. Great workout stuff if you like rap music.

That’s some pretty killer stuff, isn’t it Brew?

Deep Cover has got to be IMHO the best rap song of all-time. Some of the stuff it’s only been recently that I’ve been introduced to…such as Wu-Tang and ODB. I still haven’t listened to all of “Wu-Tang Forever.” I burned it after I saw it was ranked as one of the best rap albums of all-time on askmen.com (fourth or fifth if I remember). I downloaded Brooklyn Zoo off a suggestion from someone on a previous thread. My favorite rap group though is definitely Cypress Hill. How can you NOT get hyped after listening to “Kill a Man?” I’m a metalhead by heart, but rap is definitely a close second.

Fitone…I second the nod on Biggie too. “Hypnotize” is his best one that I’ve heard. PE was another one I forgot about. “Shut Em Down” and “Can’t Truss It” off of Apocalypse are great, and off Fear of a Black Planet, check out “Burn Hollywood Burn” and of course “Fight the Power.” There’s some good stuff on their first one too…can’t remember the names as it’s been a while since I’ve heard it.

You guys are great thanks a lot… I am usually a 80’s heavy metal music like Iron Madien, Slayer,Mettalica, etc… guy but lately for some reason… I just got into rap. I think there is a time and place for all kinds of music… Thanks guys…

If there is one thing I can help with it is this.

I’ll first list my favorite albums of all time (mostly from 92-97.

  1. Wu tang clan (36 chambers)
  2. Nas (illmatic)
  3. Outkast (southernplayalisticadilackmusic)
  4. BIG (ready to die)
  5. Mobb Deep (the imfamous)
  6. Reakwon (only built for cuban linx)
  7. GZA (liquid swords)
  8. Deltron 3030
  9. Dr. Octagon
  10. Snoop dogg (doggy style)
  11. Dr. Dre (the Chronic)
  12. Wu tang forever
  13. Outkast (ATliens)
    14 Outkast (Aquemini)
  14. Ghost face killah (Supreme Clientel)

Some new ones I like

  1. Emenim (the slim shady lp)
  2. Nas (the lost tapes)
  3. Nas (God son)
  4. Jay-Z (the blueprint)
  5. MOP Warriors (will put 20 pounds on your bench)
  6. Coremega (the realness)

That should get you started.
Must haves are:
Wu tang 36 chambers and Nas illmatic

since im sensing a little east coast bias here as far as the rap goes, im gonna put it down for the west siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!!!

dre- the chronic(best and most influential rap album ever)

e-40 and the click


too short



dru down


  1. Ghetto Boys - Die Mother Fuckers (the song they play in Office Space when they’re beatin’ the shit outta the printer)
  2. Ice Cube - I Started This Gangsta Shit
  3. Dr Dre - 2001 (the whole album)
  4. Xzibit - Choke Me, Spank Me (Pull My Hair)
  5. Trina Feat. Ludacris - B R Right
  6. 50 Cent - Blood Hound
  7. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Thug Luv
  8. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - CL and IA
  9. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Frontline Warriors
  10. Dr Dre - Put It On Me
  11. Krumbsnatcha - W.O.L.V.E.S.
  12. Nas - The Cross
  13. Scarface - No Tears

The best ones out of those are Bone Thugs - Thug Luv, Ghetto Boys - Die Mother Fuckers, and Ice Cube - I Started…

Hope my suggestions helped.

Old School, You might not of heard of them but so good…
*Nemesis- Munchies for your Base!!! lol

Jungle Brothers- I think “True Blue”

I.C.P.(Insane Clown Posse)- Ring Master

Eazy E/ N.W.A- Any

Getto Boys-Getto Boys or Best of…

Newer stuff:
I have this great Remix of Beastie Boy’s with Hard HOUSE It rocks!

*Pink/Red Man Remix- I Coming Up/Sweet Dreams