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Raoh! I Won't Let You Hold The Sky in Your Hands!

Heavy lifting session today. Tomorrow bike ride!

Climbing the southern’s Italy mountains with my bike is awesome :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Today’s situation after my Master Degree and tons of pizza, desserts and beer :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

Today I feel a little drained because of my job, recent workouts and bike rides (4 days in a row). I’ll go for another workout in the afternoon and tomorrow will be a full rest day.

Fully restored after 3 days far from work :blush::blush::blush: I had 1 great workout and 2 30km bike rides.

25 km very intense bike ride this morning.

Today’s workout:
Warm-up: Bodyweight squat 1x100, 60 sec hanging to a pull-up bar

Power Clean 4x8 110lbs
Incline Press 4x6 154lbs
Cable Fly 4x12 66lbs (Superset with Incline Press)
Seated lateral raise 4x15 22lbs
Chest Supported Row 4x8 143lbs
Chest Supported Hammer Curl 4x8 33lbs
Reverse Barbell Curl 4x10 44lbs
Hanging Leg Raise 3x20
15 minutes running post workout.

This morning I had to run instead riding bike because of the weather. 20 minutes at the soccer field.

Today I had a fantastic workout and a new Deadlift PR. Next 2 week will be very hard because I have to work a lot of time. I can’t take any bike ride and it will be difficult to get the time (and the energy :pensive:) for at least 2 weekly weightlifting workouts. I hope this period ends soon…

Maybe I have to stop squatting :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Very good workout today :grin:

Bike ride today. Heavy sun, hot weather… And this is one of Puglia’s highest places!

This morning finally I hit the scale. I’m down to 181 lbs! (in february I was 200). I’ll post some pics later. Another great full body workout today with 15 min cardio :smiley:

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Everyday is bike day :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Here’s my actual situation

Today I had a lactate inducing session, incredible how it’s tough.

With good light I’m starting to glimpse the first 2 abs!!! The miracle is possibile!
Today others 32 km with the bike :wink:

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Good 34 km after 2 days at beach pigging out everything I could eat :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Today’s workout:

Bodyweight Squat 1x100 (Warm-up)

Power Clean +Front Squat 4x8/6/5/5 132 lbs
Barbell Incline Press 5/3/1 (AMRAP 8 reps 136 lbs)
Dumbbell Fly 4x12 22 lbs (Incline Press Superset)
Arnold Press 4x12/10/8/8 33 lbs
Chest Supported Row 4x6 148 lbs
Chest Supported Hammer Curl 4x10 33 lbs
Cable Triceps Pushdown 4x12 55 lbs (Hammer Curl Superset)
Crunch 3x15 + 10 minutes on cyclette (x2)

Tomorrow bike ride after work.

Yesterday I decided to spend more time in the gym and less on the bike. So I switched to a 4 day split (I was weight training 2 times a week with a full body).I’ll do 15 minutes running after each workout.

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Today it was back day!

Deadlift + Shrug 5/3/1 (AMRAP 205 lbs 12 reps)
Pull-up 4x7-6-5-5, superset with
Lat Machine (fat gripz attack) 4x10 132 lbs
Chin-up 5x6-5-5-4-4
Gripper 2x50
Cable crunch 3x20 110 lbs
15 minutes cyclette after weight training.

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