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Raoh! I Won't Let You Hold The Sky in Your Hands!

Shitty workout today. I can’t tolerate too much volume during low calories phases. Today and saturday I will deload.

I wish you the best. Beating the fat it’s an eternal struggle. I’ve never been lean even when I went from 97 to 74 kgs… I think I have the worst fat loss genetic of the universe :joy:

Deload workout today. When I deload I don’t reduce the weight but I halve the volume. I’ve also done 10 sprints but the lack of energy is very frustrating.

30 min cardio this morning. I feel good today.

Finally, I decided. I’ll follow my current diet plan until saturday and from monday I’ll switch to a “non counting” carb cycling. I hope this will be a “game changer”.

Just finished a lifting session. Can’t wait to switch to carb cycling. I have to wait just 2 loooong days…

This is my actual situation.

Working out after a carb breakfast is awesome :joy:

Another good workout yesterday :grinning::grinning::grinning:, I definitively like chest supported rows and cross body hammer curls.
My current diet is a sort of non counting carb cycling, high carbs on training days and very low carbs on rest days.

The nightmare “wrist tendonitis” is back. So sad.

Today I’ve introduced a superset for my weak forearms: cross body hammer curls + reverse Barbell curls. I hope they’ll help me…

This is the view when I go running… Not bad, eh?


Hi raoh, having examined your pictures and training, i do not see a great problem. You are trimmer than the ‘young man in the street’, and obviously well conditioned and strong.
Fiddle with dieting to lose weight if you want to, but i would recommend concentrating on building muscle and strength with a healthy, ample diet. That would give you the best ‘look’.

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Thanks a lot for your advices! :slight_smile:

Back in the gym for a good workout after few days of flu. I’m planning to switch to CT’s best damn workout plan at the end of summer.

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When I go cycling the view is breathtaking :blush:


30 min running and good feelings.

Today for the first time I’ve done power clean. I like it.

Heavy lifting session today. Working out in the morning is better.

30 km bike ride with lots of hard climbs (15-20%!!!) I’m exhausted :sweat: