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You're not going to believe this, but there are still men out there who say women should not train their biceps. Trust me. I've been trained by one of those men.

Let's end that nonsense belief. Let's flaunt our big "man muscles" and build whatever the hell we want to build. Muscle is sexy. Biceps rock. And hiding your best assets because they're "too big" is total BS.

Got a rant of your own? Post it.


I'm not a figure athlete, and this is not a rant, so feel free to tell me to GTFO but EVERY time I've trained a woman I've always included biceps work. In my experience, girls love to show off their biceps!


Yogi I keep seeing females post pictures of themselves with their best bicep flex, and I love it! So for the most part it seems that the women-shouldn't-have-biceps mentality is fading among women. But it bugs me that so many men - even fitness professionals - have an outdated concept of femininity.


I don't mean to be a pain, but I do work out with one of the strongest women in the world right now. I don't care about her biceps (though she has big guns). I don't care about her upper back (though I wished my back looked like hers). Neither of these things play into "femininity" or are what make her sexy to this guy.

What makes her sexy is the hard work she puts in, her work ethic, and the way she still carries herself even though she squats 560lbs.

All I'm trying to say is her being true to herself and doing what she wants to do is what makes her hot. Take a lesson and do what you want women - if you want big biceps then bravo. Go get em. Just remember what makes you truly feminine...


Why would that make you a pain!? Amen to all of what you said.

You're right -- how a woman feels about herself is what makes her the most sexy. I'm genetically inclined to have big biceps, and I like to train them because they make me feel powerful and sexy. Which is why I'll never take advice from a coach who tells me to shrink or hide the things that set me apart or make me feel great about myself.


"I don't like women with too many muscles"

Spoken by men that look like soft women.

Feminine Virility is a thing to be be embraced...and ...is the thing that makes the one muscle you cant push in the gym ...rock hard...


Amen to that on soooo many levels both literally and otherwise!

Sorry but I was perusing forums, saw “Figure Athletes” and wrongly thought maybe there’d be a pic thread where I could see some eye candy! Oops, then I see this thread title and had to look, and something so obvious being stated just demanded comment.

Fit women who are virile are (obviously) attractive not only because of the hot bods, but also because it is telling of character. Nobody who is really fit just woke up that way after all. Dedication, drive, discipline are behind those bods so hoorah strong women!


There are a lot of men who like women with muscles (me included), ´though can´t say the percentage in men´s population (not even the slightest idea).

I¨m pretty sure women like Dani (Dani.Shugart) get proposals (scuse me if the word is not the correct one, my mother tonge is not English), CONSTANTLY, that´s my guess, but she is the one who can tell us.



Of course a lot of men like women with muscles. Like I said, it’s telling of their character in many ways.

Yes I bet Dani Shugart does get hit on a lot, at least when Chris isn’t close by! I also bet she can handle any jerks just fine.


I hate when people leave their empty coffee cup, cookie napkin, and shopper in the cart at the grocery store. Like it’s my job to clean up after them?


The way mens physique athletes pose bugs me. Its the ‘floppy’ arms, they twist and pose, and then their arms just bounce around for 20 seconds until their next pose! Why? What is that?