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I was talking to a local guy this past weekend about what kinda stuff he might be able to get me(never hurts to shop around). Just to see what kind of info he would give me I asked what he suggested I take. First thing out of his mouth is Tren. I said to him I have never cycled before and really wanted to try a test only cycle.

I said from what I have read Tren is really dry and harsh for a first timers and not something I wanted. He responded with "When I did my first cycle it was tren and I was curling 80lbs". He had this discussed look on his face that I did my research and knew more about certain subjects to do with proper cycling then the average chump.

I stuck to my guns and asked about more about Tbol and stacking them with some test. He had no clue ..thought I said d-bol and started to talk about bloat. I then had to explain to him what OT or t-bol was. He then said "oh well I will have to ask my guy". I then asked again about some eth or cyp. I got the same response.

I said well can I get some AI's and SERM's for PCT. He then started to ask me about PCT and I had to explain to him what drugs were available. He had not clue about PCT and how to come off a cycle safely.

Now is it me or does it seem like this dude has no clue or is just pushing what is available at his dealers place? I am just so frustrated talking with people that are all talk with little clue. And just think that this guy injects himself with what is available.

I think that users of steroids over 25 should be able to ask there DR for prescriptions. Cause really I think that this guy was going to hurt himself and others in the long run.

Thank gawd for this forum and others like it.

Sorry rant over with...


lol maybe he was a cop, sounds like he knew as much as one would.


That is very very funny!!!!


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I met a guy selling test (he didn't know what kind) in one 20cc syringe. His dosing advice was to "inject a couple lines each week until it runs out". Some poor fucker is gonna get an infection or worse thanks to that moron.


It's sad, but this is rather common in my parts. Many people trust their "dealer" to design their cycles and PCT. Many of these "dealers" as mentioned previously are only selling from the limited supply chain they have access to. I can recall people telling me of their first bro engineered cycles that had a PCT that consisted of 2 weeks proviron at 25mg/day. WTF!


Holy shit!

Its pretty simple though, ignorance is more widespread than knowledge, always has and always will be.


ROFL. i can imagine "here man i got this wicked shit, take half a line every 8hours man, and reuse it later .. it will get u like arnold"

rofl rofl


would be worse if that poor fucker took the 20cc all in 1 shot...


Shit, buyers are stupid fucks too! I sold to a dude who just wouldn't leave me alone, 10 amps of Sust. Told him to shoot it once E5D, or so. A week later, he came back and said he did all the amps, 1 per day, and gained 4 lbs. Wanted more! At least 75-90% of the population piss me off....Do your homework!


Holy shit, there are some funny posts here. One 20cc syringe! I bet the guy taking one amp per day didn't eat shit either.

You can't really expect dealers to be experts on what they're selling. I had a guy once try to sell me "test". I asked what kind and he said it was "testosterone." So I asked if it was enanthate, cypionate, etc., and he says "no, it's just testosterone. I can ask my guy if he has other stuff, but this is all I've got right now." I took a look at the product and it was sust 250. Fucking moron. He also tried to charge me $200 bucks for a 10ml amp.

Anyway, dealers are just that. I don't think I'd ask a crack dealer how much I should be smoking. If anything they'll sell you the most expensive stuff and tell you to load up on it so they can sell you more when you run out in a week.


what an idiot. must be a government employee