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Right just come home from the pub am completely pissed but like any good gentleman am going to exercise my right to a good rant.
First off stop knocking Patricia,we would all love to date a young lady who looked like that, and who had the confidence to make a living from it.Anyone who disagrees is quite obviously mad and should be taken out and
given a damn good thrashing about the face with a kipper whilst being made to sing the lumberjack song!
Secondly I hate guys who try and crack on to your girlfriend under the pretence of being a friend,again these people should be given a damn good thrashing,not made to sing any song but just thrashed.You know Tito Ortiz kind of thrashed,beaten to a bloody pulp revived then thrashed again,because if you had not of guessed some tosser at work is trying to bed my young lady under the pretence of being her “clinical supervisor”.So like any true T-Man when I see him or meet him for the first time I am going to give him a damn good thrashing.
Oh ps clinical supervisor means my girlfriend is a trainee paramedeic not locked up in a ward howling at the moon and some janitor is trying to bone her.
Some of you out there may ask how I know this to be so but trust me I do.My girlfriend has not slept with the guy but that is not the point.I am making a stand against every slimeball,wanker,tosser,fuckface,who has ever tried it on with your girlfriend and who has not reaped the consequences.T-Man is in town he is pissed off and he is about to let someone “Ave It”
Oh and Fuck all of you lot who say I should talk it through first,bollocks to that.The time for talking is over,the time for thrashing is near.
Thank you for your support.

YAH! Sounds like it’s time for an old fashioned smashin! On a lighter note, if your gf is an amazing hottie can you really blame the guy for hitting on her? Just keep your girl happy and satisfied and you’ll be worry free. Buuuuut… A good pummeling would probably make the guy more cautious about flirting out of his league. Happy Holidays!

Your girlfriend slept with the guy or worse yet, wanted to but didn’t. Get it? Of course you don’t. Sex is not recreational, my friend, at any age,. Eating is not recreational, at any age. And, yes, at long last, exercise is not recreational, at any age. I have just shattered all the myths of your drunken youth, I suppose, but take a looksee at the post just south of here referring to the cheating wife and ignore all responses but mine. Oh, and sober up, or you’ll get your ass kicked.

Never mind the bollocks, were the Sex Pistols! That popped into my head for some reason…

"Anyone who disagrees is quite obviously mad and should be taken out and given a damn good thrashing about the face with a kipper whilst being made to sing the lumberjack song! "

hahahaha, that’ll teach the bastard!

Don’t listen to all those prudish political-correctness fanatics who say don’t do anything, that scum is putting her in a tight spot & like you said “bollocks to that”.

Did you feel just a little foolish when you reread your post the next day?

A sound thrashing is a great idea in theory. It works if you win. This isn’t Camelot however and the wronged party doesn’t always win the fight. How good are you going to feel defending your girl’s honor if the guy beats the fuck out of you? You’ll not only feel wronged, but you might be missing some teeth, need reconstructive nasal surgery, or a few stitches. Bumps and bruises happen when boys fight. When men fight serious injuries are far more common. I liked the kipper idea.