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I have recently been noticing people around the age of 30-45 years of age telling me their past stories about weight lifting. From co-workers to people I know personally. Or take for example the mall today.

They always are over weight by a good 30lbs and try to act like they actually know what they're talking about. Comments like "ohh, yeah, I used to do all those protein shakes and... stuff." "I remember when I had ripped abs and I had huge arms and now I'm old and fat." More like you were a twig with such a small percent of body fat that you could see your abs and you still eat McDonalds 3 times a day but you don't have Phys ED 5 days a week anymore.

I cannot stand this! Going off on a small tangent: I have had people tell me they can squat 300lbs when they're 5' 5", 150lbs and I know for a fact they have only lifted a month. I don't even know what to say to a comment like that....uhhh "cool." Oh, but keep in mind, they just started to lift after quitting because....they cant commit? If you are 6' 4", 180lbs and you haven't ever touched a weight, you're not cut, your a fucking dumb twig so quit trying to convince me that you are ripped now, or was in passed years.

Why would I believe someone I hardly know, about your past weight lifting gains that took place 10 years ago when I cant even trust someone that I know personally about their lifts that they performed yesterday?

One story I have to tell that happened about two weeks ago. A co-worker of mine keeps telling me how he used to be in such great shape and used to look like me. "Had all them protien shakes, ripped abs, the girls are probably all over you like they used to be all over me." So obviously he would know how to eat right, right? Wrong, he comes over and starts asking me about a diet plan so he can lose weight (I'm going to say he had to lose a good 30lbs). I asked him what he was eating and he named some things: Pizza, beer, soda, the list went on. So he looks at me and goes "I think it might be the pizza and beer, I'm not sure though." What are you retarded? He does no physical exercise and eats, as you can see like a slob and ponders the reason he is over weight.

Quit compairing yourself to someone who actually has excellent nutrition and nice physique. I'm sick of people saying they lift more than they actually do and saying how they could of been an Abercrombie model if they looked like they did when they were 18.

I could keep going but the anger built up inside of me is too high right now.


decaf is great

You can't judge what someone may have done 10 years ago by looking at them now. Shit, look at some of the competitive athletes that are out of their sport for only a year.

I don't understand your 'anger'. Why would anything someone else claims to have done or is doing have any bearing on you? Why not just congratulate them and move on. Either they really can do it or could do it, or they are embellishing a tad to make conversation or live vicariously through you.

Get mad about the lack of respect the younger generation shows its elders. Get mad about our overtaxation. Get mad about guys not wiping their sweaty shit off the bench when they walk away.


Umm deep breaths. I find this to be one of the best parts of lifting and having an physique better than the average joe. I want to be noticed for my physique. Thats why I lift. Guess we're different,doesn't really bother me.


Good response. I get these stories too and I smile, nod and say "well it should be pretty easy for you to get back into it then". And walk away. Why waste time getting mad? Just get on with your stuff and live the good life.


Dude, take a chill pill or go work out extra hard; don't personalize bullshit so much...you're going to lose your hair and get high blood pressure!

You know, when I was your age I used to ...just kidding!!



You wuld be surprised by what some people have done and can even still do.
One of my brothers doesn't lift any more. He's not huge, or ripped, but a little paunchy and un-assuming. You wouldn't think twice about him if you saw him. The thing is though, is that he was a very good full contact fighter and placed very high in several world tournaments.
There is no doubt in my mind, as I have seen him do it first hand on several occasions, that he could kick the head clean off of a persons neck when provoked.(a little exageration, but you get the point)

So, just because someone doesn't look the part, doesn't mean that they aren't capable.

Maybe just cool your jets a little.
You might benefit from another persons experience, if you listen.


You guys all band together to think I'm some like phsyco agressive person about this issue?

The fact is that it's annoying. You've never seen someone spit bullshit before? I know some people that actually were good in their day but for them to bring it up EVERY time they see me gets old.


I find it a a pain in the arse as well naughtybox, i don't give a stuff what you where 10 years ago, its about what you are now!


The next time you see your dad and grandpa, I hope you can withstand the pain in the arse it must be to talk to them about their experiences.


I know it's fuckin retarded, I get it all the time. "I used to be 195 4%bf, and could bench 400 for reps, but I hurt my shoulder 10 years ago (and you're still rehabbing?), and just so you know I have high blood pressure because of those shake thingies..."

Back in Ireland people talking like this would get something along the lines of "Uck shut your fucking yap mickey, ya big fuckin blow ye...".

I hate to stir a pot or something, but personally I found that north americans are fuckin big talking, nothing doing glory hunters. It's fuckin wild. Of course it's not a blanket statement. It's just there are alot of eejits like this here.


ANGER? Geez kid, ya wanna talk anger? Back when I was your age I used to get 10 times angrier than YOU!! Maybe 20 TIMES angrier! But that was back when people really knew HOW to get angry. Kids today don't even know how to be angry. We used to get CRAZY ANGRY! Give yerself a HEART ATTACK angry. That was back when anger was really anger and not the whining and whimpering you hear today. You ain't nothin' but a little upset. You wanna see angry?? I'll show you ANGRY!!!!!!!!

I hope you know I'm kidding :wink:

Ever heard the expression, "The older I get, the stronger I WAS!"? Think about it. People will always try to impress other people. Don't let it get to ya, bud!! It's not your deal. Put all that energy to good use by channeling it into intensifying your workouts. Peace!!


Eh, it doesn't bother me when I get that kind of thing. What -does- bother me is when some big talker tries to tell me what I should be doing. In the past I've had a 40+ armchair jock come up to me while I was doing rows at the gym, and actually freakin' interrupt me to try and correct my form. I'm a form Nazi. I don't let it stray, whereas this guy probably couldn't see his own shoes.

Or another particular beer-swilling, sway-backed, tough-talking shmuck that was braying on about his glory days when he used to curl 200 lbs for reps. I know his relatives. I've seen pictures of him in his glory days... he was a fucking twig.

Now, it probably wouldn't have bugged me so much, except the pathetic piece of crap was doing it specifically in the context of belittling the very real achievements of others. What a dick.

But outside of those two examples... eh. :slightly_smiling: Really, why is it worth caring about?


I understand where you're coming from. But I personally love all the old stories from the old timers. BB has come a long way in a relatively short time, in terms of knowledge, technology/nutritional engineering, etc. There weren't always the kinds of supplements and resources there are nowadays. I consider those guys, even if not world-famous, the great legends of BB.

There's a guy who works out every day at our gym, around 89 years old I believe, he owns a supplement shop and puts on an annual strongman competition and continues to "give back" by mentoring younger ones. He looks a good 30 years younger and is in better shape than a lot of guys 30 years his junior....well developed physique. He can run laps around me and you. Just knowing those kinds of people are educations in themselves, inspirational and motivational....if he can all that at his age, we should strive to do so as well. And it's good to know that if we keep up our lifestyles, we may have that kind of vitality to look forward to.



I wouldn't sweat it to be honest with you. Take it with a grain of salt and learn from the experience. Use their current physical example as what you don't want to become, and move on. Just nod, say "thanks" and go about your day. Honestly, I'm one of the fat people who used to give advice, then I looked in the mirrow one day and realized I shouldn't be giving it, I should be using it! Believe me, very humbling.

It's a learning process, and just takes time. To be honest, all the "knowledge" I thought I had gained over the last 5-6 years doesn't mean dick... why? I found T-Nation and it's completely turned everything I knew and threw it into the trash. It's not a bad thing, just something I had to learn on my own. Learn from the experience, use it, and grow.



Since you're not talking about me, only about 30-45 year olds :wink: I'm 47, when I talk about the weights I pulled/pushed as a youngster it's only to show how much stronger I'm now!

The people bragging about their past performances, Just ask them why they quit training. There's always time to squeeze in a workout or two in the week. There's NO excuse NOT to train, they're just lazy.



      One thing i have always done is to listen to other people's experience of life outside of the gym , that is a different matter but i am not going to listen to some  bastard who reakons he/she used to be something 20/15/10/5/2 years ago, you know the ex pro athletes and such like.
     Have a look at the picture of Louy Simmons in one of the other threads, 1973 and 5 plate squat and still going hard, thats what i respect, not some one who had their time in the sun and learnt nothing from that experince and has a gut and looks like shit. Generally they stay away from me and tell their war stories to the kids, where they are king of the kids. I don't give respect easy, you have to earn it.


This is exactly how I feel. I love talking shop(so to speak). I love talking about bodybuilding and all the things that go into it so any chance I get whether the person is full of it or not,I take it.


garbage. But it's good to know that your parents and grandparents EARNED your respect.


Sampling of quotes from out of shape fatties at my office:

-Those protein shakes are really going to fuck up your metabolism in the long term

-Fish Oil? Why would I supplement with that? I eat fish and chips at least 3 times a week.

-You shouldn't eat those walnuts and almonds so much, its going to come back at bite you in the ass. (I'm not even quite sure what that one meant)

-How can you eat plain chicken and spinach so much? That's disgusting!


serenity now....serenity now...