Rant: Who Hates Tempo Speeds?

I made it my policy today - every artcile i read that tells me some nosense about doing a 3 second eccentric and a 2 second concentric or whatever i’m just going to stop reading! Who is going to count fucking seconds when there lifting? It would make it a chore! Slow or fast whatever but no fucking counting!

Oh yeah? Alright, tell me, Rainman:

How else are you supposed to extend your set to meet the required TUT hypertrophy zone of 40 to 60secs while remaining within the hypertrophy rep range of 8-12 reps?



lift fast, lower slow.

Shit ain’t rocket science


Rainman? I thought that was like some demonic god? do whatever makes you happy dt79.

Come on math whiz, I thought what I wrote was absurd enough for you to tell I was joking hahaha.

yeah i was slow on that lol sarcasm noted :grin:

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Haha seriously, tempo training has it’s roots in TUT vs rep ranges vs hypertrophy zones and like all the other overcomplicated nonsense conjured up by people, sometimes there is some utility in them but the overall logic just doesn’t add up.


This is something I never have really understood. I would have zero interest try these methods. I use fast, but controlled reps and sometimes use paused reps.

I dont say these things could not work… but I just don’t care.

C’mon now…there’s no need to take a black or white approach to it.

Sure there are hacks who write tempo speeds to dress up an otherwise mediocre program. Kinda like putting lipstick on a pig.

But there are also knowledgeable folks who prescribe a certain tempo so the reader has an indication on how to perform a particular movement. And I’m pretty damn sure they don’t expect the trainee to follow it to the nanosecond - especially as fatigue creeps in.

For those who need guidance - the tempo speed prescribed can often give them a good idea. You can tell someone to use a ‘smooth and controlled tempo.’ But ‘smooth and controlled’ can mean different things to different people.

And with practice, your internal clock will tell you whatever tempo you happen to be using.

Fast tempo, slow tempo, and anything in between have their place. You just have to know when each is the most optimal application.

When I do cleans, I’m being as explosive as possible. I drop the weight at the top so there is essentially no eccentric to discuss.

On other movements where I want to exploit the stretch reflex, the eccentric will be fast with no pause at the bottom.

When I do certain compound and isolation movements, I’ll use a slow eccentric, (about 2 seconds) because we’re strongest in that AND it can promote connective tissue integrity), and on the concentric my intent is to move the weight fast a la Hatfield’s CAT (compensatory acceleration).

When I do other isolation or finisher (compound or not) movements, I’m slowing the eccentric (2-3 seconds), slight pause at the bottom, slowing the concentric (2-3 seconds), and hold the peak (I rarely if ever lock out). Within the set, I can and often do make small adjustments.

As you read an article, a thread post, blog, etc., it’s best to read what the author has to say in its entirety, factor in the context, and then make a decision if it has value.

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Just about everyone counts out the pause in the hole with pause squats… it’s the exact same thing.

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Sorry, I don’t agree with your rant.

I’m a minimalist at the core, but it never hurts to have more tools in the tool kit.

That’s all it is, a tool to add a bit of variation.

Perhaps you ranted because it’s tough?

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Its just too damn boring. And yeah i can see some value to it for describing the basic speed but i don’t actually be counting tempo.

A little off topic i’ve been playing around with iso holds lately for up to 90s. Thats pretty tough!

Do you count how long you hold the iso for? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t. I start on the minute looking at a clock and usually close my eyes, obviously i open them a few times haha!

Off topic and why we are here: I just used cheated snatch and clean grip upright rows. Using a measly 40lbs i done close to 100 reps- i didn’t count - and then i used a thick grip bar i made with 70lbs for another 10 reps.

Very high reps is a blast especially when your beat up.

Who never used and never will: me. I don’t feel hate though.

I also have only two mode of lifting: normal and deliberately faster than needed (explosive), but I almost never do that.

Stuff is complicated

It’s like when a program tells you 3 sets of 6 at 80 % of your max.What if you could do half a pound more when you maxed out?What if now you are good for 2 pounds more?What if…
It’s just guidelines