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(Rant Warning) Those Who Love Me, Can't Help Me...


...and those who can help me, don't even give a fuck about me.

First off, this is a rant as I'm pissed off at the moment, I don't really know why I'm posting this anywhere, why I'm posting this here, and I have no damn idea what reply I want. So I'm just gonna throw it out - and be done with it.

You get to a point in your life as a man when your needs become so specialist, it seems like nobody can help. This has long been a source of irritation with me, since I'm the guy every other person comes to with questions that begin with, "How...?", I'm the guy everyone calls when they want heavy lifting (pun VERY much intended). The tough, prickly, thorny, hard things in life, like how to diagnose a sickly parent when the Doc's have got it wrong; what career advice to give to a young fella trying to get into a PARTICULAR industry/profession; outlining a strategy to turn around a failing business; adding a new laptop to the home network.

You get the idea.

They want the heavy lifting done, they come to me. But what the hell does anyone else have to offer? Nothing.

I've just got down to 18%BF. Now, after YEARS as a fat fucker, the girls are starting to look again. As a bodybuilder, what more do we want?

But what REALLY fucking irks me is advice given from a well-meaning female friend who's 55, never been with another man apart from her husband, and says, "It doesn't matter you're fat, you can still get laid with quality babes!"


Before I hit post, yes, I'm aware you fellas have given me invaluable advice on training and diet. Yes, I get the feeling one of you smart-arses was a player with a gut.

Rant over. Bring it. Whatever "it" is.


It will be alright man there are people with worse problems than yours.


Brother, I was just gonna give you an internet hug. But whatever.



I'm not joking when I say I don't really understand what your rant was exactly about.
Could you restate it please?




What the fuck is this? What are you talking about? Stop fuckin complaining homo.

Jesus christ.


You're great, Irish.


What do you mean irish??? Jesus Christ said it....he even signed his name at the bottom. It's from the Bible you know.


Seriously... not idea what you're talking about..

my advice would be to get over yourself you're not some special little sun flower.. everyone has these problems and they don't go crying home about it. Fix whatever is wrong and quit complaining...


Where is gym jesus?





Don't worry, your avatar had the same effect. :slight_smile:

Ok now I'm in a jovial mood, but still, to those boys above with the dumb commentary, if you don't want to read a rant, don't open up a thread entitled with "Rant" as the first word!!

Seems simple enough to me.

Ok, party back on, lads...


So this is something like your diary? If you don't want any commentary just open up Word, type in your rants and perhaps you could publish is one day.


that really made no sense


I don't think any of us have a problem with rants in the least, but it's common courtesy to have it make sense.
I don't mean to be sarcastic but is English your second language?


My Brother has 140kg and bags more and better women than you do.

So, she has a point.

And no, he does not make a lot of money.


um, what?