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Rant on Life/Death. Lots o' Fun.

I can’t believe it… why’d he have to die? Why would god take him away from me…now there’s no one…So, fucking lonely. Alright, Fuck it.

This is what I imagine my Uncle said before he shot himself, I know I know another story of family suicide, nothings ever not about some form of drama these days. It’s a shame. I’ve just always wondered why suicide. I know you can get very lonely and feel no one connects and nothing is going right, but why not donate organs or help someone before you do the deed? My Uncle’s brother , they were inseparable, and when his brother died My uncle just seemed separated and gone from any reality. We couldn’t keep him company 24/7 to make sure he didn’t harm himself from the grief of his brother passing. They were both army vets and had many different types of rifles and pistols through out the house and we were always worried, and unfortunately in the end he just couldn’t take it.

First of all I had sadness in me from his passing, he was like a 2nd father/Grandfather. Then it was anger that he wouldn’t have the balls to go through life and atleast find an alternative, now after a 20 minute sprint it’s just sadness and anger. Not sure if I should go to school tomorrow, we have tons of “white gangsters” and I’m afraid I’ll crack ones neck tomorrow haha, oh well. I guess when ones life ends questions start to pop into your head, which creates rants on T-Nation haha. Honestly never thought i’d make a thread like this.

But hey, It actually cleared my mind a bit…


Also, Cliff notes: Uncle loses brother, Uncle kills self , nate sad, nate angry, nate come to a middle of sad and angry, nate disturbs T-Nation forum members by posting another death rant.

Hey man,

Really sorry for your loss(es). Don’t think twice about posting “another family suicide thread”. If this type of thing helps to clear your head, and maybe make some kind of sense out of the situation, even just a little, then its a good thing the way I see it.

A friend of mines brother took his own life years ago. We were all at a party and the dreaded phone call came. Her brother hanged himself and it was one of her other brothers on the phone to tell her. We all just came from a great dinner out and were in a great mood to party. I will never forget the reaction of her and my best bud who was her boyfriend at the time. Awfull to say the least. One of her brothers found him hanging in his apartment.

The brother was a manic depressive and everyone kinda new it was coming but tried to get him help.

I’ve often wondered, if the person could look down on everyones reaction and the devastation it causes would they still go through with it?

Sorry for your loss dude.