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Rant on Bodybuilding


Don't mean to be a whiner - but I think there's a severe asymmetry as far as bodybuilding goes - Skinny guys usually have a lot harder time putting on muscle than the obese ones losing weight. Every now and then I see an amazing transformation when some guy decides to lose weight, but I don't see many skinny people gain a heck a lot of size. I guess it's a lot easier to spend money than to make it, and the same goes for muscle/fat.

I just get really upset every time an obease guy envies me for my high metabolism, because they don't realize how much effort goes into putting on muscle - and how little is required to lose weight.

There's my rant.


The ass is always leaner on the other side of the gym. Take it from a former fat boy, we'd all like to be walking around with six packs and striations, but we just weren't made that way.

Also, you're right: losing WEIGHT is easy. However, losing FAT is a bitch. it requires cadio and nutrient timing and so many fucking chicken breasts that I would have been thrown out of my house a long time ago if my family didn't need the eggs. (BaDUMdum.)

So, stop ranting and start eating before Professor X starts asking you how many calories you're getting a day and then sits on you when he doesn't like the answer. And I don't think anyone's ever seen him like the answer.


Perhaps you should stop lifting to make fat guys happy and just work on your gains.

Granted, you'll (or me for that matter, another skinny guy) will never be Mr. Olympia, but is it that big a deal?


OH WAH you fucking baby.

If so little effort is required to lose weight why do we have a multi-billion dollar industry geared around finding easier and easier ways to do it. TRUE, a large percentage of people do slab on the pounds because of poor lifestyle choices. But if it were so easy to shed the pounds once you put them on, why don't more people do it?

You think losing weight is so easy? Have you read anything Shugart has writen on this subject? As a soon to be FFB myself, I look up to the man for his insight, but also because he has been there and done that.

You have a high metabolism? GREAT FOR YOU. So start suckign down serious amounts of real food and HOLY SHIT! you'll get bigger.

Thats my rant.


Boo, I say, booo...



What Danreeves said.

Whining and complaining doesn't float here unless we're complaining about a bad movie or the loss of a limb.

Bear down and deal with what you got.

"...Yeah, you're goona be ok..."


Do I have to post the pictures Oh me at 210...Then 155...Now back at 210 but Musclular?? The concepts of both are easy, but putting them into action is hard. I would have to say losing weight is easier than building quality mass though.


I'd like to see them.


I would say they are both difficult in thier own way..but being skinny is more socially acceptable....


Gaining lean mass isn't all that hard. I'd rather have to eat and lift right to gain mass then constantly struggle to try to lose weight. I've gone from 170 to 195 since june and still have a 6 pack showing. Easy concept: eat clean food + lift heavy weight= lean mass gain


Hey Bro, it's a fact, skinny guys have bigger dongs as the skin needed to fill out the penis is used to cover the excess ass and belly, on fat guys.

So get skinny and get good wood!


Stop whinning and go train.


I agree with this.


Waaa fucking waaa.


[quote]the_dude_2 wrote:
Don't mean to be a whiner - [quote]

Then don't. This would have been the point where you should have realized you are exactly that, a whiner, hit delete and gone and made your skinny ass a sandwich.

How the fuck do you know anybody envies you? I sure as shit don't. You are a skinny, judgmental, annoying, WHINER. Maybe that obese guy doesn't envy you at all. Maybe he is looking at you thinking, boy I'd like to lose some weight but I sure as shit hope I don't end up looking like that scrawny little bitch ass whiner.

Every now and then I see an amazing transformation where some skinny guy decides to quit blaming his metabolism and try to out eat it, but usually they're too busy chanting hardgainer while simultaneously stuffing themselves on 1800 calories a day.


I personally would much rather be a "hard gainer" than to have a body that stores fat and muscle easily.

I've always found it easier to gain mass (both muscle and fat) than to lose fat while maintaining muscle.

Muscle is easy, fat is complicated.


I also agree with this, just not the complaining.


I am officially the 1,243rd member of this site to develop a crush on Sabrina.




As a "hardgainer" myself, I say once you start eating like a horse, you will gain weight. Don't want too? Don't do it.

And the fact that I know I could do pushups for the rest of my life and look fine is enough to make me happy with where I am. I would much rather try to gain weight then lose it.


I think you need to start reading Bulking Machine's posts.

Eat lean train mean. Say fuck you a lot. And have a body that women cry over. I don't know about you but I'm going to go eat package of pasta two cans of tuna and rep it out until I shit myself.