Rant: Mono Sucks

Now I don’t normally post. I’ve been more of a reader here for a long time…I dunno, how many more times can you talk about whey protein? I find it hard for me to contribute…anyway, now is my time to rant and get some fuel from fellow T-readers to fire me up for a new round of lifting.

All of my hard work since January has been demolished. On Jan 1 I was 6’1’’ 172. I followed the routines of USCTrojan and Crewpierce to the tee from January until 2 weeks ago, and everything was amazing. By 3 weeks ago, I was 900+ on the big 3 and I was at 189 lb (around 14% bf?). Then I got MONO. It was pretty severe…100+ pills of vicodin, percocet, lidocaine, clindamycin, and 15 LBS LIGHTER, I’m very weak and ready to train. And what’s worse, I STILL can’t train for at a minimum 1 week because apparently my spleen or liver will rupture from the lifting and I will die.

I worked so hard, and now I’m back to square one. I mean this is DEFINITELY not going to stop me, but I feel like this is the only place I can vent where people will “get me.” Share your thoughts, experiences with illness, etc.


Unlucky dude, muscle memory should serve some bit when you get bacl.
Hope it doesn’t last long

your lucky dude, if the mono is only lasting a few weeks. i got it about 4 years ago while i was a personal trainer. lost my job, 40lbs, and was pretty messed up for about 3 months.

that sucked, i worked for two years to get to where I was, and then it was gone. didnt really work out too much after that, until about January of this year, and I went from benching about 180 to 280+ since then, so the strength is coming back pretty quickly. still not all the way there, but decent improvements.

chin up. it’ll come back.

i actually understand completley, same thing happened to me but i contracted a stomach virus and in three days lost 3 weeks worth of muscle gain from non-stop vomiting and no appetite. I still havent gained it all back but im well on my way.

i know i cant really comment but ive been diagnosed with crohn’s disease and was out of the gym for almost 2 months due to it… pretty much all i can say is suck it up and start out slowly, make sure your getting enough rest and protein also be prepared for some severe doms lol, after one deadlift session all i wanted to do was sleep for a couple of days, and i was only using 100kg, thankfully its up too 160kg three weeks later

Wow. I had “a touch” of money almost exactly a year ago. I was REALLY lucky, though. Was back to normal after a week or so and didn’t lose any weight.

It sucks though, I know. Keep your head up and try to EAT!! You’ll be back.

(Come to think of it, I’m probably immune to a lot of shit by this point . . . .)

Word of warning, you can have a relapse of mono so make sure your diet and rest are on point.