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Rant: Male Body Image and Status in Modern Society


I'm just a 22 year old kid, and like many others, started lifting in my teens because of severe body dysmorphia and self image issues.
These days, I'm the kind of guy whom you can tell that actually lifts in practically all contexts, but won't get mistaken for a competitive BBer anytime soon. The limbo of the several year old gymrat.

Anyway, during this time I've grown out of my teenaged body dysmorphic size and status, insecurity driven, frenzy and that put not only my past into perspective, but male culture surrounding me.

Just pop onto forums and the number of muscle starved kids grows by the day. Muscle has become a huge status symbol, especially among the poorer and less educated classes. Read a Youtube lifting video's comment section, and I dare you not to rage. These days, everyone and their mother is an expert these days. Everyone is so needy to assert their own territory, obsessed with comparing themselves to others and so quick to put them down.
I can't stand people treating my any differently because of my size. I've had so much ridiculous shit from men, like random guys in nightclubs pretending they're tight with me, to drunken idiots wanting to start a fight because I was 'showing off my arm' (I was standing still talking to people). Same goes for females. I've had strangers groping me in elevators and public transportation (which not only would get me slapped or arrested if I did the same, but on one occasion left me very nervous because it was by a group of drunk hoodrat bitches and I didn't know what to do since I could never hit a woman), to random girls calling me a conceited meatheaded idiot and 'ridiculous' when I was just wearing a tank top

Sigh, I don't even know where I'm going with this, I guess I'm just venting.
I mean, not long ago I was not unlike the same exact people I'm crying about now, but thankfully I matured emotionally, socially and civically.

I guess it's not just one thing that gets to me... It's not just the obsession with Male Body Image, it's thinking that by itself it warrants any uncivil treatment, lack of civility and good sense in general, insecure males trying to assure themselves by putting down others and just this 'Alpha Male dur hur' mentality that is spreading like wildfire amongst losers these days

I'm sure many will disagree, maybe even calling me a pussy or a 'fag' (I forgot to rant about that one, homophobia in wannabe-manly circles, cute!). But I guess that's how it goes


Indeed that how it goes.


Post picture.


The only reason you see this is because you're thinking about it. You're projecting yourself onto other people, most people don't give 2 shits about your muscles.


So I can subject myself to evaluation from body image alone, and then you can decide if a point of view is meritable or not?

Bada Beem Bada Boom


Hope you got that out of your system.

You don't like to be judged but in the same rant you used terms like, Hood Rat Bitches, Losers, Less educated classes.

Nothing wrong with bitching about any of the above. I mean that is what rants/Bitching is for. It's just somewhat comical to complain about Being labeled by laying out massive Labels of your own.

Oh and Nick-Nack-Patty-Wack-Get-Your-Own -Bone!


'Less educated classes' is not judging at all.. though hood rat bitches and losers definitely is. Well caught


Well... You just made a post discussing the body images of others. I am sure many here would find your views to hold more substance if your own body image was close to reality.


Sorry mate' but 22 is man age, well where I'm from it is anyway.


Yeah I know :slight_smile:


Sure, the 'kid' was just a pre emptive self deprecating poke on myself before anyone decided a 22 year old 'guy' isn't fit to have any opinions on civilized society.

You know, asserting your territory and all!


Gotcha, esp. the territory bit

skip to 21:45


x2 on the pictures. I want to know what my new physique goals should be. I don't go to nightclubs so that only leaves me with the "problem" of getting groped by females.


Lol, what happened to just Lifting and leaving it at that? Im sure people lift for one reason or another but most of them keep all this stupid shit like OP posted in there head and deal with it.


Solution: Become fat and lazy, you will spend most of your time on the couch and when xbox 12 comes out who will be having more fun then



I also hate being judged by my looks alone.

I wonder if Fat/Skinny/Short/Tall/Long Arm/Short Arm/long leg/short leg/buck tooth/Baby teeth/Large Toothed/Blue,hazel,brown,green eyed/Hairy/Hair less people have to deal with it also?


I wonder if widespread ignorance, incivility and anti-intellectualism makes themselves acceptable?


Sure, I'll humour you, picture attached.

So now what? Maybe I'm bigger than some guys thought, maybe I'm smaller than some guys thought. But how does that have any influence over civics? Why is size even an issue here? Is it just out of curiosity or insecurity and macho afectation?

OP->Responses is just life imitating art.


You hadn't heard? You can tell exactly how "insecure" someone is by how big their muscles are. They pass out PhD's in psychology in Cinnamon Toast Crunch boxes these days. They also taste delicious.


You can definitely tell how insecure someone is if societal imagery holds any bearing over logical thought.