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Rant: Hard-to-Find Steroids

just a little rant here!

do any of you guys find it hard to find a specific type of steroid?

iv been searching for some turanabol for a while, but come across wesites which are so obviously fake! Iv got everything i need for my next cycle, apart from the turanabol! i was hoping to start my cycle next monday, but dosent look like its going to happen! :frowning:

Why do you need turanabol specifically?

Other, more common drugs, can be just as effective (if not more so).

I understand wanting specific drugs, but it’s not a big deal to just go with what’s available. Especially when dealing with the black market.

I’ve been bugged by never being able to get any stenbolone.

I just read the profile Bill. Sounds like it would be very popular if it was still around.

Actually I didn’t know that anyone had written a profile on it. I never did because I know nothing about it except that Dan Duchaine had said he had found it similar to Primobolan, and considered it his personal favorite steroid on account of positive effect on mood.

And from the structure it is non-aromatizing.

That was enough for me to want to try it: I still would like to try it.

EDIT: I think the above was most likely a memory failure with resulting error. On further thought I don’t think Duchaine had mentioned this to me directly. I now think I actually did read a profile on it years ago, in Anabolic Reference Guide, 6th Edition (by the way, there were no editions 1-5.)

Some guy was on here last week saying he was going to use sten, I believe.

Mexican Sten =/= stenbolone

Sten = prop, cyp, DHEA

Stenbolone = I have no idea… what Bill said, lol

Stenbolone is what might be called the 2-methyl analogue of methenolone, or more precisely, 17b-hydroxy-2-methylandrost-1-ene-3-one.

(Versus 17b-hydroxy-1-methylandrost-1-ene-3-one for methenolone, or that is to say, the parent steroid of Primobolan, which as the injectable is the enanthate ester of that.)

I think stenbolone when available was sold only as the acetate, but am not certain.

can any1 actually get turanabol then? as alot of people find it hard to!

A couple of people have said the Customs is extremely slow at present, with a huge backlog. Thus if your potential supplier is overseas, as is often the case, quite likely you can get it, but if this is correct, then likely not promptly.

Yes, you can get it.

This thread is interesting. My research into stenbolone (first time I’d ever heard of it) led me to the fact that apparently there is something called winstrol cypionate available from China these days, too. Weird. There was one other one that I thought must be a joke when I first read the name, but seems to be true. I cannot for the life of me remember what it was now, though, sorry.

There aren’t many i REALLY want to try… i wouldnt mind trying Halo, mod/high dose Var, Winstrol at 75mg/wk alone (W/proviron most likely) and i will be experimenting with uber-high dose Test/Tren, etc. at some point.

However i cant think of many hard to find AAS that i would like to try… Maybe the Clear and Chjeque drops for shits and giggles - although i foresee THG being a cunt on recovery (a non-issue here) and libido etc… as an estrogen based drug.



I’ve always wanted to try Cheque drops for just a couple of days toward the end of a nice fat test/tren run.

Brook, what’s the Clear?

Its that one that the UK sprinter Dwaine chanbers was found guilty of using. it was called that as you could pass drug tests while using it as it was new (at the time) and not known to the WADA (or whoever does the tests etc).

It is Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG) - read about it on Steroid.com :wink:

Cool, thanks!

What other steroids are similar to turanabol?

ive tried anavar, and tbh i ddint gain much off it, and as for the price!!

[quote]doncs wrote:
What other steroids are similar to turanabol?

ive tried anavar, and tbh i ddint gain much off it, and as for the price!![/quote]

If you can explain exactly which properties Turinabol has that you are in need of, and i am sure that i can suggest an easier to find alternative…

im looking for something that isnt going to give me water renetation, can be taken orally, i will be pinning test though. Im not looking to gain a huge amount of mass, but maby a little which can be maintaned with the right pct and nutrition


Anavar or Winstrol seem the obvious choices… with Winstrol being cheap as fuck and easily available (while it wouldn’t be my choice - it may have a synergistic effect with Test due to its affinity for SHBG and Aromatase).

100mg of Primobolan/day with 50-70mg of Proviron a day would be a nice addition to a Test base IMO - but cost increases there.

For ease of aquirement, it would be 75-100mg of Winstrol for 6 weeks IMO.

Why are you looking for just oral for this choice? There are even more injectables that fit your template of non-aromatising, anabolic compounds…

Boldenone - A very mild Anabolic IME, even at 600mg/wk.
Primobolan - 600mg/wk would be a MINIMUM dose, so expensive, especially as pharm grade is recommended.
Masteron - 400-500mg/wk is a good dose for this, it is synergistic with Test - mild in muscle however.
Trenbolone - A must-have addition to increase the anabolism of a cycle with no extra water/estrogen IMO.

Even low dose Nandrolone (200mg), would result in a good increase in muscle, slight water retention (controllable by adex), and gains - that IME - are easily maintained post cycle.


Go to the prohormone faq in this forum and read about halodrol and clones. It might be exactly what you are looking for.