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Rant for the Smaller Guys


I have an issue I just want to air out. It all starts after my trip to the gym today. My partner and I are on The Waterbury Method, today is 10X3 pull-ups for the first lift.

So we meet at the gym later than usual because of the holidays and see a different crowd than we are use to. We head over to where we are able to do pull-ups which also happens to be where the cable machines are located. Here there is a guy 253Ibs, I know exactly how much because I heard him talking about it to three different people in the gym.

He has his bag overflowing with stuff. His gallon jug of water which I'm sure he is going to need for his long workout and his belt which doesn't fit into his bag. All of this is taking up the whole area, along with the fact that he is pacing and turning and flexing and staring and just generally taking a LONG time between sets.

Of which he is doing EVERY tricep extension variation I have ever heard of. After waiting for fifteen minutes watching I decided to ask how much longer he thought he would be or if this was his last set. His response "I have 10-16 exercises left." To that I just walked away. We just had to modify our workout some and it worked out alright.

He did do about that many more exercises for his triceps, which I found to be not all that impressive.

There was also another big guy in there that was working out very hard squating over 405 and benching over 315. This got the attention of the tricep guy who after the display of strength threw on a belt and 155 pounds on the curl bar. Then proceeded to huff and puff and curl(clean) the weight up to his chin. then strut around flexing some more and talking about putting up 405 on the bench and much more on the squat.

After the other put up 365 on the bench the tricep guy said "Now you've got my attention"
Now my point;
I am only 150Ibs. I see all these guys cheating every move they make and I'm sure if I saw tricep guy squat it would be equally as impressive and his 155 curl/clean. So at 150Ibs. my 325 Squat, 250 Bench, BW+75 Pull-up, BW+125 Dip, is that not just as impressive?

Of course performing all with strict form and perfect execution.
Give the smaller guys at the gym some props they are trying to get bigger. Pound for pound they might be stronger!


Unless he gets in your way or starts hassling you why worry about what he's doing?

Put your headphones on and concentrate on your own workout.


Yeah, since I've been home, I've realized how much more I hate my gym here in town. I think from now on, I'm going to keep my ipod blasting and a beanine pulled down to cover half of my eyes.


So you aren't getting any attention.

I guess I qualify as smaller, but I just can't relate, or give a shit.

Grow up.


sometimes it's not about how strong youu are, but simply how big you are. And at 150lbs you may be the strongest man of the planet.. but still me small.


I don't say that "size" is all, but all is "relative"...


That guy is curling more than you weigh. Maybe you should stop bitching and start lifting.

If you spent more time doing and less time gawking at the big guys, you might just get somewhere.


Why do the smallest guys bitch so much about someone ten times bigger than they are "cheating"? Guess what, if the guy is over 250lbs and huge, obviously the "cheating" he is doing is working for him. Perhaps you should take notes.

No one gives a shit about your "perfect form" if it produces LESS results. I do not stay strict on every movement. My goal in the gym is to lift well, not to lift with text book form on every single movement. Some cheating is not only necessary when lifting heavier weights, it helps as far as adding more muscular body weight.

At 150lbs, you are dumbass for looking at guys who have achieved that much more than you and believing they are doing everything wrong.

For those who are a little slow, that doesn't mean that you simply lift weights without control. It means that while my goal is to avoid injury while also working the target muscle group, and while I may lift for most sets with the best form I can achieve, I know when I need to cheat the weight up. Only a newbie would be unable to know the difference.


Yet another little guy who obsesses over the big guys. You guys in the "under 200 club" need to get over it.

Be happy with meeting your own goals, and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.


I am pretty big in to sticking to my self at the gym. I actually left my last gym because I made the mistake of getting to know the people there. Its much better to just put your head phones on and ignor all.


Some big guys are dumbass meatheads, some aren't. If you have to hate on someone, hate this guy because he's a dumbass, not because he's a meathead. What you said just makes you sound jealous.


Because they feel insecure and have to find SOME fault with the bigger guys. It's like when a hot chick walks by a bunch of women. They'll say, "Bitch."

Knocking big guys is an estrogenic move. Stop doing it. WHo knows.... Maybe if you little guys start "cheating," you'll start seeing some results, too.


You(smaller guys) have done nothing deserving of afforementioned "props". You are just smaller. Why should we congratulate you for merely trying?

And that pound for pound arguement is complete bullshit.

It doesn't matter that your strength might be relatively greater compared to body mass. The big guy has achieved in the goal in which you are trying to justify at losing.

Einstein might have a huge brain(just an analogy), but pound for pound you are smarter...

Peter North might have a huge c*ck but pound for pound you are a better lover...

Guess what? You haven't won the Nobel Prize, and you still don't have a 14" dong.


No one cares about your IQ in the gym. I have learned some of the best info in training from people you would probably call "dumbass meatheads". If you have to hate someone in the gym, hate yourself for not reaching your goals. Leave the guys who passed up where you are by 50lbs or more out of it.

There seem to be many of you who turn your nose up at guys who you should probably be following some of the advice from. I guess it makes some feel better to believe that getting that large happened by accident and that you couldn't possibly learn something from someone unless they were quoting some internet article.

I never approached lifting like that. If someone was larger than me, I shut the fuck up and watched them. Sometimes I asked them for advice. Even though all of that advice shouldn't be followed, that type of attitude is probably why I am one of those big guys now. It is really stupid that some guys here seem to think they know more than everyone else even though they are dwarfed by so many others in the gym.


[Channeling little guy]
I could care less what someone bigger or stronger than me has to say. Based on what I've read on the internet, he's cheating. Now, if he writes an article on the internet.... then I'll listen![/end channelling]

BTW, is it just me, or are all these little guys all fanboys who are following someone else's "method"? Maybe I'm mistaken, but it's been my experience that most bigger guys are able to (because of experience) draft their own workouts and need not print out the latest and greatest thing from the internet.


Pound for pound, huh? So the other guy is both bigger and stronger? When you're bigger or stronger than him, then you've got room to talk. Until then you're a loser twice over, crying on an internet board for sympathy.


C-law and X, if you were here right now, I'd shake your hand and yell AMEN!


If your 5' tall and a muscular 175 pounds, you are big but short. If you are 6'7" tall and 220 pounds, you are tall but not big.

Arnold once compared himself to Frank Zane. He based it on height and how much each would likely have weighed without working out. He then divided their current contest weight by their "no training" weight to determine the % of muscle each added.

Arnold's conclusion was that Zane was actually the "bigger" man because he had added more relative muscle to his natural physique than Arnold had.

Moral of the Story;

Being short or tall, results from unchangeable genetics.

Being small or big, results from how hard an individual is willing to work.

Not everybody can be BIG and TALL but everybody can be BIG.

Note: Excluded from my definition of 'big' are fat people with no musculature. Being tall (or short) and a lard ass does not make you "big" in my book.


OP, this is some of the best advice you will get. I have found that keeping your mouth shut and watching and learning from people whom have achieved more than yourself in whatever your goals, will get you much farther than reading all the mags/articles/newsletters/books whatever.

Try to learn something from every guy who's bigger than you. You don't have become his disciple-fan-boy-deluxe, but if a guy is bigger than you he probably has something in his knowledge base that you can glean from.

Almost all of my knowledge base comes from RL guys whom are/where ( some have passed away ) bigger than me. They don't know the brand names of this or that, allot of them don't give a fuck about T-Nation, or Flex, or whatever, but they can train. I haven't used everything from everyone but I know I am so much better off for having the humility to learn from much more advanced lifters, at a very early age.

Body Building does not begin and end, on this forum any more than it does so in a mag, or a book.

PS; OP, good work on your strict form, that has it's place.

PPS; OP, Stop giving a fuck what people think. I train variations on the Dumbbell Press that most people think are bogus...You know what fuck 'em, I get results.

PPPS; Oh yeah and Peter North has a small dick.


Cali, please don't lump us all together like that. You're being sizeist!


Hahaha, sizeist. I love it.