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Rant About Today's Music


I Don't Understand What People See IN Todays Music

This is most definately a rant. My daughter always listens to either kiss 108 or whatever other station that hip hop crap is on. They say they play the top 40. Well, the top 40 hip hop songs maybe. Where are all the rock groups? Where? All i ever hear is that chick Adelle. Black eyed peas or that douche pit-bull. I absolutely can't stand that type of music.

All these music shows, looking for the next great talent. Why are they always looking for a nice, pretty or cute, non controversial singer. How come they aren't looking for the next Jim Morrison or Jimi Hendrix. Are people really that musically stupid. Sure my daughter has some better taste in music, she likes Disturbed and Avenged sevenfold. and even some metallica. I go in my gym, all they play is hip hop. Are you kidding me.

Even walk out music for mma fighters is almost always hiphop. Now and then, they will play some decent walkout music, when Randy Couture came out. Theyd play Ted Nugent. This is not the case of simply not liking todays music, there are a few good rock groups out there today, i just can't stand hiphop, dance music, rap or any of that crap.


Yes, people are musically stupid. No one can sing anymore without Auto Tune. No one plays their own instruments anymore. There's so much sampling going on that no one need to write their own riffs anymore.

Welcome to the modern world. To each his own.

Wear an iPod at the gym. Don't you know that listening to Katy Perry or Gwen Stefani REDUCES testosterone?


For some people, music is just background noise. My GF is like that. If you ask her what she listens to, she says "everything". If you ask her what her favorite band is, she doesn't have one. I mean, WTF, how do you not have a favorite band?

My point is, that music isn't a passion for a lot of people, it's something they put on as a distraction or because they like singing along.


I love rap and hip hop, so I don't agree with you there.

I do agree that the rock genre is suffering a pretty brutal death... aside from bands like Foo Fighters and Wolfmother, the rock and roll star is quickly fading..


I've thought about buying some sort of ipod. Aren't they uncomfortable to wear. Don't you have to strap that thing on your arm.


"Popular" music in general is crap. Just as the whole of Pop-Culture is beoming a steaming pile of SHAAATTT!!!!

The popularity of the Kardashians and the Black Eyed Peas are intrinsically correlated.


Thats what is wrong with me?


I feel something, not sure it's my T going down though.



You 16? Lol


Yup, there it is again.

Although, ID did say "listening".....


You shouldnt bash an entrie genre of rap and hip hop just because you havent heard good rap or hip hop. Because yes 90% of it is garbage.

ID - electronic music although not using instruments does involve difficult processes of resampling, synthesizing and mixing, these are equally as hard as playing a guitar but in a different respect. For anyone who disagrees why dont you go buy a synth and see how many fat bass lines you can make.


I maintain that there is a time, place, and mood for just about every kind of music. I like almost every genre at the right time and if my mind is in the right place for it, even some of the more reviled ones (hair "metal", pop, country, etc).

One thing that I don't get at all, however, is jazz. It sounds like a complete mess to my ears.


But not dead yet...........


So that's what happened to Russell Brand and Gavin Rossdale.


ahhhh, chronologically, No lol. mentally, much closer. have you ever listened to the lyrics of "inside the fire" not exactly 16 yr old material. very powerful emotional stuff. You could say the same thing about me liking ac/dc or almost any rockband. but good rock or metal lasts for generations. hip hop is popular, but it doesn't have lasting power.


RV- If you can't listen to dubstep, you're officially old (not talking chronologically)


Top 20 hip hop/rap will never last or be considered "classic," since it's tailored to radio play and not much else. I wouldn't generalize and say that all of it sucks and will not last though- there are some seriously talented rappers out there.


They have a few good songs that could grab the attention of a mature audience. But for the most party its mallgoth music like slipknot and icp.

Hip hop is bad too but what you're hearing on pop stations osnt what a lot of hip hop fans want to hear either....big sean and drake? Pit bull? nope


Yes. And its a pain in the ass to not rip the ear buds out of your ears too lol. I once turned my head only to have my iPod fly out of my pocket (it was a small one)... and right under a 50lb DB as I was setting it down.

These days I lift without music when I'm at the gym and have just learned to tune everything out. I'm hoping to pick up wireless bluetooth headphones at some point though so I can just listen to music on my phone without having it directly on my person lol.


It's a bunch of talentless, synthesized bullshit. That said, the Black Keys have been putting out songs requiring actual musical talent for a few years now.