Ranges for TRT Blood Testing?

All of these things I have had tested, where can I find info on what the ranges for these should be?

I meet with the doc tomorrow.

It should be on the lab report.

It will definitely be on the lab report. Insist that your doctor give you a copy. Don’t forget that “in range” IS NOT the same as “normal.”

Blood numbers are just numbers and while they give you an indication of what’s going on, they are not the be all and end all of everything. Most doctors work from the assumption that all patients lie and inflate their symptoms and so they ignore you and believe the numbers. Be aware that it’s how you feel that matters and that the numbers don’t necessarily mean all that much, especially when it comes to testosterone and estradiol.

If you feel like crap but your numbers come back “in range” be prepared to challenge your doctor.

If he screws around with me, I am going to just do an appointment with Dr. Crisler. I am sick of dealing with these morons.

I sent this doc a copy of Dr. Crislers article, hopefully he read it and didn’t use it for TP.

For what it is worth my endocrinologist was obsessed by the numbers. I don’t see him anymore.

My urologist looks at the numbers, but also actually listens to what I say about how I feel.

I have heard other guys say similar things about Endo vs Urologist.