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Rangers Lead the Way!!!


Just in case y'all didn't get it by now. HAHAHAHAHAHA. RLTW



I once saw a uniformed soldier in a Banana Republic shopping with his girl. Because that is really weird, I stared. Because he took my staring for hating, I went up and shook his hand and said I have nothing but respect for what he does, which I do.

Equally random, equally in support of our fighting men and women.

But for real, an Army officer in fatigues in a Banana Republic? If he's somehow reading this, I just wanna say "nice civvies".

I've always wanted to tell that story. Quite strange. Hope it's OK with you guys seeing as there isn't much of a topic on this thread. My best friend is ROTC at Cornell and wants to be a Ranger when he graduates. Rangers are cool. I'm now rambling. I need to study for my exam. Yeah, Rangers are cool.


I don't get it.
As a sidenote- Are you back home now from over there, or am I mistaking you for someone else?
Either way, Thanks.


Just wanted to say I appreciate the job you guys are doing. One of my best buds is a Major at Fort Leavenworth, has his Ranger Tabs. Another buddy got his commision last spring and is currently defending our freedom in Afghanistan. Thank you for the job you do for our country.


Rangertab, glad you're well and feeling good. Time for this troop to get some shut eye. Goodnight all.


Thank God for the Rangers!


Yeah!! Thank god they shot Pat Tillman. Can I get a hell yeah for friendly fire!!?

Welcome to the new American nationalism and militarism.

What a waste of effort and dedication to devote your youth to blind service and some assholes imperialist agenda.

Rangers = 18-20 year old kids raised on Rambo movies, half shitting their pants and half rocking a hard on when the shit hits the fan.



why don't you go buy a horse and live in the mountains and dont bother anybody?



  1. There is a difference from sharing your opinion and just being downright disrepective. Have some tact.

  2. What happened to Pat Tillman is very unfortunate. There are many things unfortunate in war, and that is just reality.

  3. As far as your other points. Last time I checked we still have professional, VOLUNTARY armed services. I realize that not all of these kids are mature enough to make wise decisions about entering the military, but maybe a true problem is a lack of parents, teachers, mentors, etc.. educating them and giving them advice along the way.


Right on man! Way to really think about stuff... and things. You rule with how you have figured it all out when the rest of us are just mindless robots who do what we are told by Bush himself.

When do you run for president? Because I want to be sure to vote for a witless little vagina.



You wasted your 6th post on the greatest muscle building site on the Internet attacking the Rangers. Kids...(shaking head)



do you even know what a Ranger is? Before you go off half cocked, why dont you do a little research on what the Rangers have done since their birth. maybe you have heard of a little thing called Pointe De hauc. Its in France. Read what Rangers did during the D- day invasions or prior in Africa. Or Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, and now on the war on terrorism. Wheter you agree with the current situation or not, you can not deny the history of this unit.

Sua Sponte


HAHAHAHAHAHA. I can't even get mad at that moronic reply. Honestly, I'm gonna send that reply to a few of my Ranger buddies; we'll all have a good laugh. Except for the part about Ranger Tillman. Here's the deal.

Friendly fire is just another one of those things that just happens. Most of the time, it cannot be prevented in the heat of battle. It's obvious to me that you've never been in combat. No matter how experienced or how battle-hardened you are, IT CAN STILL HAPPEN. You know, asshole, that the Rangers are not the only ones who have lost men to friendly fire. I know Green Berets, SEALs, PJ's, SAS, and a shitload of others that have lost buddies to friendly fire.

I recently received two PM's telling me to be less insulting in my messages, so I'm not gonna try to belittle you on this here thread, but I think you showed your ass in this thread and it's safe to say that all of your credibility regarding your opinions on matters pretty much went down the shitter. You might feel like I myself and others have devoted the best years of our lives to selfless service, but really, I could give a rat's ass what a hippie like you thinks. I've honestly killed better people than you. RLTW



By the way, if you have anything negative to say, please stay off this thread. This wasn't meant to start arguments or pissing contests. Thank you. RLTW



Thanks for your sacrifice, Rangertab.

You are a bigger man than me - defending that dickless wonder's right to be a dickless wonder with your life.

Just know that are a shitload more folks like most of the posters on this thread than there are folks like the shithead. And your service does not go unappreciated.


Rangers lead the way? Are you kidding? I am more of an Astros fan.

Only kidding, Rangertab75 - much appreciation for what you do. I only wish that you guys got the same respect in peacetime, as well - it takes a lot of preparation and dedication to be at the ready.

As is, never forget that Buck320 can blather away only because of the protection created by you and others wearing the uniform.

Thanks again.


All those people who criticize the military would not last two weeks in the Sudan or Somalia. I suggest we pitch in and buy them airplane tickets so they can preach over there.


Good idea.Reminds me of Johnny walker Lind, that stupid punk that joined El- Quaida. Funniest thing was seeing his ragged God forsaken stupid ass when he was captured. I still think it would have been nice if he wasn't captured alive though.


heh, i sent my negativity on PM =D


As a side point, if you disagree with where our armed forces are deployed thats one thing...

but the men in uniform deserve our respect, because when the shit does hit the fan they are all we have.

rock on rangerdude