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Range of Motion After Broken Finger

I’m wondering if anyone on here has ever broken a finger??? I broke my left ring finger near the PIP joint a few months back. It healed with a bony-block near the joint space so last Friday I had surgery to excise the block. My finger only bends about 65 degrees now (normal is 100-110 degrees, depending on the person).

I just started therapy with an OT and she told me not to worry, she’ll get the finger back to 100 degrees flexion. I was wondering for anyone who has ever broken a finger and has gone to rehab to get motion back, how long did it take to get a lot of the motion back?? Any tips on how to facilitate the process??

I’ve broken a finger before. Technically, it was just a hairline fracture, but I thought it was only sprained so I didn’t get it treated and had the same type of ROM problems.

What really worked for me was this: fill a glass with hot water and soak the finger in it while you watch tv or whatever. Just bend and unbend the finger repeatedly while soaking.

It took a few weeks to get back to normal, which sucked since I couldn’t really do my normal workout, or make a fist for MA training. Good luck with that.

I shattered a bone in my ring finger into 9 fragments. It took about a year to really get over it.

I broke my left ring finger 3 wednesdays ago. It broke in 3 spots and last wed. i had 3 screws put in it. Tomorrow i go to the doctors for a checkup. My finger is in a splint right now, but even with it i have surprisingly good ROM, id say around 70%