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Randy Orton


Ok guys i started one of these threads about "masterpiece" Chris Masters a while back,most people seemed to prefer Bobby Lashley pysique wise.
So i thought id start one with about Randy as his phsique would be possible for most T-Nation readers.
So give me your thoughts on him.Too skinny ? not enogh muscle? to lanky?
Lets hear em.

his workout routine consits of mostly high reps 15-20 with 10-15 sets a bodypart trained once a week.




Although hes got a much better physique than me theres something about his body that I dont like. Difficult to pinpoint but maybe too lanky, not enough definition. Maybe his high rep workout is to blame, as we know low rep/strength training makes you look hard.

Maybe thats why I dont like him, he's pretty buff but still looks a pussy!!

Where did you find out about his workouts??

He is what, 6 foot 3 & 230lbs or something??


Just to add, at the minute my fave attainable physique is Nitro. Couldnt give a shit about him as a wrestler but good physique to aim for.

Obviously I'd rather look like Benoit, Lashley or Masters. Orlando Jordan is looking in great shape too.

Not to hijack but does JBL even work out anymore???


That sort of sounds like he actually did at some point (which i doubt lol)


His legs are way to small. that's what i find makes him look like pussy.

If you can find early Rob Van Dam footage from Ecw, look how much badder he looked with his super sized legs. Or go over to his web site and chech out his split legged dbl lift. Worth a Look!!


Orton and John Cena are two guys that are in good shape, and have physiques that are attainable without the use of drugs. I wouldn't mind having the overall size of either guy, although they both need to add some mass to their legs.


I have much respect for pro wrestlers who have physiques like cena, batista and so on, being on the road so much it has to be a bitch keeping up with it. Randy looked better a few years ago when he came in, I agree that he looks too lanky. You have to catch these guys at the right time, like after some time off, when HHH came back after that quad injury a couple years ago he was a fuckin monster.


Randy is more like 6 feet 4 or 5 and goes close to 250 pounds.He has some weight on him but being that tall gives him the lanky look.

His workouts can be found by googleing but i think it might be on one of his websites. randy-orton.com or something like that.

Jbl working out? doesnt look like it does it haha.
Yeah speaking of wrestlers coming back after a injury,do u remember when edge came back after his neck surgery? he was a beast now he has gone back to a more slender physique.

John cena is around 230 pounds now.I once seen him when he was back in his bodybuilding days, he was 260 pounds at 6 feet 1 with 4% bodyfat.Quite impressive to say the least.

Anyway enough of my rant.




Off off topic, but Randy's dad, AKA Cowboy Bob Orton lives near me and now sells used cars. His office is lined with old WWF pics. Nice guy actually.

Sorry, about the hijack, but when I saw the topic I thought about that....