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randy orton

Hi buddies

Whats everyones opinion on wwe superstar randy orton? I think he has the best body in wwe,but most people think he is 2 skinny :stuck_out_tongue: if u want 2 check his workout routine checkout randyorton.net :slight_smile: let me know what u think?
Many thanks

That John Cena guy has the best physique period.

His results are the product of years if not decades working out, dieting, and possiblly juicing; they’re NOT the product of a temporary 6 week routine he happens to be following at the present.

I agree with Thunder. Cena is a pretty thick dude. I heard he got started as a bodybuilder.

As for me, I’d take the Rock’s legs and Goldberg’s shoulders/traps and be very pleased :wink:

where is the mass. If he is 6’2" or 3, I say he is about 215. Not big. Talented? sure. Great look for a tall gymnast

orton is a third generation wrestler with alot of power and speed. sure he’s not as big as bautista or hunter, but does he need to be?? this kid is an athlete, period.

cena was an NPC bodybuilder for a while.

Cena I agree but what about Botista or what ever his name is 300 pnds and ripped freaky.