Randy Couture vs Dan Henderson

Ok help settle argument, i say Dan would have beat Randy no testing , higher level wrestler, knockout puncher, my friend says randy was on way more shit would out cardio dan could take dans punches. All if they were both in prime 40 plus. How do you set up a votes section?

Just IMHO: Henderson beats Couture, when Dan was fighting in Pride, he was more well rounded and with his power, Henderson all day. Just based on watching Couture fight over the years, no, I dont think he could have took Dan’s right hand.

Now, for me, I would have loved to have seen Henderson vs Liddell during their primes. ( no disrespect, not trying to jack your thread).

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Dan better wrestler than Chuck, harder puncher, Chuck best take down defense ever, he would take 3 punches to get two in also why he’s punch drunk, heard he was most humble champion, i know a dude who ran into him at dive bar in vegas , when he was champ cool dude. I think going by physiques chuck would fare best no trt. Good call i forgot about chuck, i still have to go with dan. Now throw vitor in the mix , vandererli silva. How them potatoes in Idaho, love me a baked potato with ranch and bacon ,

I’ll Bite.

I know them both - a bit…
Im old as fuk.

Love them both.

Id say Randy would take it.
I can expand.

Lets pretend they are both 'prime"
Henderson - has the better striking , far more power.
but he never ever used his wrestling.
like never til he was old and slow

He felt confident enough in his striking - even while losing
to never attempt so much as a take down.
this is someone who went to worlds and two olympics, never ever used those tools- he was happy to kick box and land some bombs.

Randy on the other hand is the master game planner-
after getting KTFO learned how to train for each opponent.

just me 2c

I’d also have to go with Randy, most likely via decision. But, completely agree with Idaho that if Hendo connected with one of his right right hands (or even a left hook like he put Wanderlei out with) it would be “night night Randy.”

Randy was arguable the best ever at holding his opponent’s against the cage and “dirty boxing” from the “Greco Clinch.” He also seemed to have nearly limitless cardio for a heavyweight/Light Heavyweight. Unless Hendo caught him coming in, I suspect that he would have been able to do his thing to Dan as well and possibly exhaust him (being the naturally bigger fighter) and eventually take him down and control him.

I am sure their are guys who fought both but randy is older 7or 8 years. I think dan trained at randys team quest.

Randy could use both hands but neither had the smoke of Henderson’s one hand. On the ground Randy is superior. I’ve watched Henderson from his back and he looks awkward slow and zero hip movement. One more thing I’m sure others have noticed in his later years Henderson didn’t use much wrestling at all. He simply stalked and tried to connect. Also kicked well on occasion.

But Randy Couture was knocked down by Chuck Lidell in one of their fights. I can’t imagine what Henderson’s punch would do to him.

I would pick Henderson when they were both much younger, but would choose Couture when they were both older.

So Henderson hits harder than liddell, dont want find out myself ill take your word.
Funny the hardest punchers in mma are from wrestling background, they say roulon gardner, was one hardest heavyweight punchers they encountered. In pride.
Well we got free fights tonight on fs1. Nogueira vs bader 2.
They were talking about hendo on fighter and kid last week how stiff he was. So he was limited in his movement , due to wear and tear.
Plus couture didnt have the strick testing hendo did .
I hope the new owners of ufc go kind of a pride type fights , with different rules, fuck testing. I dont care if their water bottles are full of cheque drops, miblerone.

Fair question I checked and found that strict KO’s with punching only Liddell has 7 and Henderson 10…I’m not sure that proves much based on number of fights. Liddell did KO Randy Couture twice. I imagine that a young (or even old who knows?) Dan Henderson would do the same thing.