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Randy Couture Training Video


Randy Couture training video...



His methods may or may not be the best way to train for MMA. I'm not qualified to pass judgement either way. But I will tell you that Randy Couture is a very classy guy and one of the best things that ever happened to MMA!

I wish him a happy retirement and a long life.

(Although I would love to see him come back. :slightly_smiling:


Wow ZEB, I had no clue you felt that way.


I wholeheartedly agree with ZEB (recognize the name from sherdog).

Randy defines the sport. Shows what hard training, perseverence and dedication can do. I honestly thought he would of won his third fight with Liddell.

Seen that vid before. Thanks for reposting it, hopefullyl others will appreciate Randy a little more with it.


it is not a question of whether it was the best way to train or not, but rather the fact that it has worked for someone at his athletic level.

it almost seems likes complexes as per Alwyn Cosgrove. but i could be wrong. i can see how it can bring down even the strongest of lifters.


I?m going to try that for 2-3 times a week over 2 weeks.

plus some heavier work for legs




I'm no MMA fighter and I'd hate to find myself in the ring with him but I can't help but think he'd be even tougher to beat with some very heavy training under his belt mixed in with the complexes. Of course I don't know what his maximum strentgh output really is but there's a lot to be said for being super strong as well as skilled and conditioned.


Yep. Some maximal strength work should be cycled in, and probably is somewhere down the road.


Obviously I don't know all the factors, but Chuck Liddell looked far stronger than Randy in their last fight.

The music during his workout was hilarious though. I hope that's what he listen to when he trains.


one thing to keep in mind especialy with MMA is there is more than one way to skin a cat. Liddel and Coture are very different fighters, and would need to train differently to get the best results. For example Liddel is a power puncher, he doesn't need to nor should he spend the same time on endurance that coture would because he won't throw as many punches, he will wait save energyand look for the knock out punch all the time so he needs more strength and speed than endurance. While coture is much more of a technition he like to keep the pressure on till the guy makes a mistake, then he punishes them, this is repeated as needed so he needs more endurane becuse if he gasses his technique falls apart and then he is done.


didn't somebody post an article about rich franklins training? i believe it was a similar type of circuit training. maybe the reason why they dont lift as heavy as they could is because it might cause them to lose speed or gain weight? i mean im sure these guys really change up their routines during the offseason to increase muscle and also have time to adjust to it.


Its all lactate tolerance training, If you can become very adept at moving a moderate amount of weight for a long period of time you will be able to improve your lactate threshold, and that is exactly what you need for a fight. There are zero fighters that are extremely powerful knockout artists and have the endurance to grapple constently throughout a fight.


Obviously training for endurance is necessary, but I can't help but feel training for maximum explosive power and strength output would be better for fighting. You do not want a fight to last a long time. You do not want to make it through all the rounds. You want to put the other guy away as fast as humanly possible with extreme prejudice. The longer a fight goes, the more chance you have of being hurt.