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Random's T-ransformation 2018



It is the exact same stimulus, just a shorter ROM. Chest still presses, Tricep still extends etc

This is a good sign and hopefully that translates to a better Bench.


Well it definately will because when I was doing 5/3/1 I failed on 102.5kg, I arch my back and can basically touch my chest on a floor press.


78kg this morning so that’s a 6kg increase in body weight and my lats are much better now.




Ok good stuff, onwards to 80kg!
yeah i have tangerines myself with cheat meals seems to help with digestion

Personally I would advise against Westside at this stage, If reeeealy want to do it for a couple months then this is one of the best laid out strategies i’ve seen for it…

-check out Brian/Alphas logs also: amazing guy former special forces, strongman state champ and trains with a broken back! Pretty much the no1 resource on this site IMO.
His’Linear’ or ‘Powerbuilder’ templates would be a perfect fit


I am currently doing GOMAD with the odd bit junk to make it up to 4k cals, yesterday I had 5500+ cals I am on some things for GAD doctor prescribed me and they make me hungry and my sleep is better now,

why advise against conjugate might I ask? because it seems as though I am making gains off it, I have my last max effort week this week the onto repetition method. I’ll try Brians stratergy after that.

As for the Hypertrophy work I do a 6-10 rep range so if I can do 10 with one weight I will find a weight I can do 6 with and try do 7 the next session until I get to 10.