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Random's T-ransformation 2018



It is the exact same stimulus, just a shorter ROM. Chest still presses, Tricep still extends etc

This is a good sign and hopefully that translates to a better Bench.


Well it definately will because when I was doing 5/3/1 I failed on 102.5kg, I arch my back and can basically touch my chest on a floor press.


78kg this morning so that’s a 6kg increase in body weight and my lats are much better now.




Ok good stuff, onwards to 80kg!
yeah i have tangerines myself with cheat meals seems to help with digestion

Personally I would advise against Westside at this stage, If reeeealy want to do it for a couple months then this is one of the best laid out strategies i’ve seen for it…

-check out Brian/Alphas logs also: amazing guy former special forces, strongman state champ and trains with a broken back! Pretty much the no1 resource on this site IMO.
His’Linear’ or ‘Powerbuilder’ templates would be a perfect fit


I am currently doing GOMAD with the odd bit junk to make it up to 4k cals, yesterday I had 5500+ cals I am on some things for GAD doctor prescribed me and they make me hungry and my sleep is better now,

why advise against conjugate might I ask? because it seems as though I am making gains off it, I have my last max effort week this week the onto repetition method. I’ll try Brians stratergy after that.

As for the Hypertrophy work I do a 6-10 rep range so if I can do 10 with one weight I will find a weight I can do 6 with and try do 7 the next session until I get to 10.


@RampantBadger would you say the 1RM Calculator is usually right, I’ve done 3 weeks and I’m on the repetition method, I did 4 sets of 10 reps with 87.5kg on the bench and felt like I could have done 90kg, Smacked it into the 1rm calculator and it reckons I can do 120kg now!?, Jesus if this is true west side is no joke but it could’ve been the fact that all this time I’ve been weighing my pasta after cooking it so I was bulking on barely 3k cals but when I ate junk I did eat 4-5k cals because it is on the packet.


you mean the Wendler/ 5/3/1 calculator?


Exrx’s 1 Rep Max Calculator


Yeah I would take it with a big grain of salt, its main use is as an indicator that things are going in the right direction(sounds like yes!). You def dont want to be recalculating maxes off of it.

In your case I would presume you can now hit 100 for 2 or 105 ish but 120 no way, your tendons ligaments/stabilisers etc are not ready. there can also be mental aspects when pushing through a big plate milestone like 2 plates

Also its a big topic in powerlifting and some people make it complicated but Westside is not actually about hittting PRs or 1rms every week but more about developing strength as opposed to displaying it even though it can seem similar. The most important thing is the strain against a weight that is heavy on that day which will make you stronger after a 9-12 week cycle


Thanks started doing manual labour again which means more money for food and more work capacity, also the 1rm calc has always been right in similar situations especially when I was doing 5/3/1 I will do competition lifts in 6 weeks, West Side pause squat and incline bench now.