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Random's T-ransformation 2018



Around 75kg here on the Hypertrophy Plan…

Workout 1 - Week 4
Speed Bench 62.5kg + Red Band 3x5
Speed Squat 90kg 3x5
Lat Raise 15kg 10x3
Leaning Lat Fly 15kg 12 17.5kg 12 20 12
Lat Pulldown 15sec rest 60,55,50,45 10x4
Machine Back Row 55,60,65kg 10x3


Workout 1 - Week 1
DB Shoulder Press 20kg 10,9,8
Close Grip Bench 60kg 11,10,8
Squat 100kg 10x3
Chin Up +5kg 8x3
Barbell Curl 35kg 8x3

Workout 2 - Week 1
Bench Press 80kg 4x4
Front Squat 60kg 6x4
Dumbell Row 42.5kg 8x4
Medicine Ball Pressup 30x2 35x1

Workout 3 - Week 1
Romanian DL 100kg 10x3
Bent Over Row 60kg 10x3
Dumbell Incline Press 22.5,25,27.5kg 10x3
Dips +10kg 15x3
EZCurl warmup 30kg 10x4 Cluster40kgx10
Preacher Curl 35kg 5x4 30kg 5x1
Fore Arm Rotating Curl 10,10,7.5kg 10x3

Workout 1 - Week 2
Bench 80kg 5x4
Front Squat 70kg 6x4
Strict Curl Dropset 37.5,35,32.5 4x3
Dumbell Row 45kg 8x4
Partial BBell Curl 40kg 3x2 42.5kg 3x1

Workout 2 - Week 2
Squat 110kg 10x3
Dumbell OHP 22.5kg 8x3
Close Grip Bench 65kg 10x3
EZ Curl 30kg 10x2 Warmup
EZ Curl Cluster 42.5kgx10
Preacher Curl 37.5kg 5x5 35kg 5x1 Drop
Fore Arm Rotating Curl 12.5kg 10x3


Workout 3 - Week 2
OHP 52.5kg 5x1 55kg 5x3
Deadlift 120kg 6x2 125kg 6x1
Strict Curl 40kg,37.5,35kg 4x3
Partial Curl 45kg

Workout 1 - Week 3
Squat 120kg,125,127.5kg 8x3
Dumbell OHP 25kg 8x3
Close Grip Bench 70kg 8x3
EZ Curl Warmup 30kg 10x2
EZ Curl Cluster 45kg 10x1
Preacher Curl 40kg 5x2 35kg 5x1 Drop
Fore Arm Rotating Curl 15kg 10x3

Workout 2 - Week 3
Speed Bench 70kg + Red Band 3x5
Power Clean 50kg 3x5
Strict Curl 42.5kg,40,37.5kg 4x3 Drop

Workout 3 - Week 3
Bench Press 92.5kg 2x4
Asisted Bench 100kg 1x3
Squat 150kg 2x3 Squat 152.5kg

Todays workout went well got 152.5kg for 2 probaabaly could have done more but wasm’t so confident in the squat rack I was using.


@flipcollar Went back to 5/3/1 I thought I may aswell give it a try and had a brief read of beyond 5/3/1

Trying this template from the book so this is my 1st workout

Workout 1 - Week 1
OHP 1RM = 60kg
35kgx5 (65%)
40kgx5 (75%)
45kgx10 (85%)
BBB 5 Sets
30kgx10 (50%)
Barbell Row 62.5kg 10x5 (Hits my Erectors, Lats, and Rear Delts)
Plank 60s x2 (Strengthening my TVA as I had the habit of wearing a belt in which Chris saved me from fuether postural issues)


Workout 2 - Week 1
DL 1RM = 140kg
80kgx5 (65%)
95kgx5 (75%)
107.5x10 (85%)
BBB 5 Sets
70kgx10 (50%)
Joker Sets
132.5kgx5 (95%)
Row 62.5kg 10x5

@RampantBadger I’ve now got the Beyond 5/3/1 book… This is what my workout looks like now vs the old 5/3/1 I was doing I’m now doing Boring But Big and adding joker sets into my workout so now there’s so much more volume added which I feel my body needs also to end the workout I foam rolled my lower back, I’m going to invest in a foam roller as Jim has said he does Mobility Work 3x a day for recovery I enjoy the pain of foam rollers so its no issue for me…


Ok generally cant go wrong with BBB.

Im personally not a fan of jokers and Jim seems to have moved away from them, for me FSL(first set last) is preferable and will give you further volume but whatever, lets see how it goes.


Workout 3 - Week 1
BENCH 1RM = 95kg
55kgx5 (65%)
65kgx5 (75%)
72.5kgx13 (85%)
BBB 5 Sets
47.5kgx10 (50%)
Joker Sets
82.5kgx5 (95%)
85kgx5 (100%)
Close Grip Weighted Chins +5kg 10x5

Workout 4 - Week 1
SQUAT 1RM = 160kg
95kgx5 (65%)
107.5kgx5 (75%)
122.5kgx15 (85%)
BBB 5 Sets
80kgx10 (50%)
Close Grip Weighted Chins +5kg 10x5

Workout 1 - Week 2
OHP 1RM = 60kg
37.5kgx3 (70%)
42.5kgx3 (80%)
50kgx10 (90%)
BBB 5 Sets
30kgx10 (50%)
Close Grip Weighted Chins +5kg 10x5

Workout 2 - Week 2
DL 1RM = 150kg
95kgx3 (70%)
107.5kgx3 (80%)
120kgx10 (90%)
BBB 5 Sets
75kgx10 (50%)
Close Grip Weighted Chins +5kg 10x5

Workout 3 - Week 2
BENCH 1RM = 95kg
60kgx3 (70%)
70kgx3 (80%)
77.5kgx13 (90%)
BBB 5 Sets
47.5kgx10 (50%)
Joker Sets
85kgx5 (100%)
Close Grip Weighted Chins +5kg 10x5

Safe to say I think I’m getting stronger, I’ve moved away from loads of jokers and I only really do them on my upper body as I beleive the upper body can handle a lot more volume as I don’t walk on it all day.


Tested my 1 Rep Maxes today I’ve started to go deeper on my squats, my tight hamstrings were limiting movement hence why my 1rm was higher than it is, I hit a 160kg Deadlift and 97.5kg Bench Press and 140kg Squat.


I started on DoggCrapp training now these were my past workouts on a lot of the movements I should bump the weight up but I cann never tell what I’m capable of at these sorts of rep ranges.

Workout A1 Week 1
Incline Bench 50kg, 15,13,12
Seated Shoulder Press 12.5kg 20,17,16
Pec Deck 22.5kg 20,18,16
Palm Face Close Pulldown 50kg 20,17,16

Workout B1 Week 1
EZ Curl 20kg 30x1 22.5kg 25, 21
Hammer Curl 12.5kg 20x1
Standing Calf Raise 60kg 10x1* WM*
Leg Curl 20kg 20,20,20
Leg Press 150kg 8x2 30s rest 100kgx20


Ok Jumped back onto 5/3/1 because I feel like I gain size when I am doing powerlifting style plans, 5/3/1 actually smashed my DL up by 20kg, bench by 2.5kg so now my 1rm is 97.5kg and BBell OHP to 65kg (Was stuck at 60 before), I have my eye focused on 1 goal by August 2019 I am going to enter a strongman contest, the events are as follows…

I’m quite sure this is an 80kg weight class category

Log Press 80kg AMRAP in 60 seconds

DL 200kg AMRAP in 60 seconds

Farmers Walk 110kg per hand 20m (Fastest Time)

Fingals Fingers 6 flips (fastest time)
80kg,120kg,170kg (two flips on each)

Atlas Stone Run (Fastest Time)

Currently eating 5,000 Cals a day with about 270g protein.

@flipcollar do you have any advice as I know you’ve done these types of events before


This is surprising. You found a contest that isn’t happening until August 2019 that has already announced all the events and weights? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

But, I’ll roll with it.

The weights are really weird. Relatively speaking, that’s a very light log compared to the DL. 200kg for reps, as a lightweight? Damn.

I’ve thought about this from a couple angles… So, I only train for specific competitions about 2-3 months out from them. You’re not going to spend the next year and a half training for this one. But that being said, these are all very classic strongman events, and are great ones to get started with. You HAVE to learn log, stones and farmers for strongman. So that’s great.

The way I generally structure my programming is by doing mostly barbell work (like 5/3/1 style) 3-4 days per week, and then spend 1 more day on event training. My event training will usually be something like log press, stones and farmers. you could do them all in one day. My event training days always involve an overhead press (log, circus dumbbell, or axle), a carry of some kind (yoke, farmers, frame, sandbag, keg, etc), and then usually a miscellaneous event. Could be a toss. could be stones. could be a DL variation. I kind of just play around with this.

I would do a lot of work in the low reps with the stones, and probably not practice them more than once every other week for awhile. They really tear you up, you’ll need recovery between sessions.

Practice your farmers walks with a weight you can run relatively quickly with , and progress by adding weight while maintaining that speed from week to week. So, for example. Let’s say you can run 20m in 9 seconds with 55kg per hand right now, but with 110kg per hand, it’s taking you 25 seconds. Don’t practice with contest weight. Practice with the more manageable weight. Do like 3-4 runs with that. Then the next week, add 5kg per hand, and as long as speed is still good, keep raising the weight from week to week.

Familiarize yourself with the log. Learn to roll it up your body. Watch a lot of pro videos. Post videos of yourself to get assistance. Don’t try to do this like a barbell clean.

That should get you started, let me know if you have more specific questions.


Well the contest runs every year and that is the novice comp can’t do it this year as I won’t be ready in time.

Is the log easier than a barbell in the sense that you use a neutural grip on the log compared to a pronated grip on the barbell,The log tends to be heavier as you go up weight classes, 5/3/1 will easily get my DL there every time I’ve ran it, it seems to add 20kg to my DL.

What I’m going to do soon is go try and make my own using Alan Thrall’s guide

Is this one day a week light as I’m doubting my recovery ability I could try do an event a workout, Or could buy a foam roller start doing mobility work and try salt baths like Jim preaches in his Beyond book.



nope. it’s heavy for me. I’m running through events at close to competition weight fairly often on this day. It’s the rest of my training days that I tend to keep lighter.

eh. no. The log is different for everyone. for me, the clean part is easier than a barbell. But balancing a log on the press part is difficult. You’ll have to get some practice. It’s so far out in front of your center of gravity because of the diameter of the log. It’s very, very weird when you’re learning it. At this point, because I’m good at log, my best log is basically the same as my best presses with other things. But not everyone is like this.

that’s pretty funny. I’m glad it’s worked that way to this point for you, but that won’t last forever. I’ve added about 5 kg to my DL over the past 2 years. But when I started lifting, I was making gains like you’re making. You’ll hit a plateau soon enough. Be prepared for that.


Oh I hit a nasty one it was quite unusual, I got stuck at a 100kg squat 100kg (on a good day) deadlift and a 75kg (on a good day bench press) I was stuck like that for 6+ months ended up doing a dup plan and it just wacked everything up but yeah I think I am gonna invest on a log, there’s a local rugby (basically british nfl) field near me so I can practice keg tosses (incase they have them in the next event) etc there my gym actually has an axle bar and the farmers walk frames and a secluded car park I don’t think the manager would have a problem with me using, thanks for the advice.


Interesting advice. I thought varying the weight was key, used to carry 2 16-24kgs (forgot, have to search it up in my old log) KBs around the gym (400-500m). No stopping. When I used the next increment, I had to stop. I thought it worked rather well but this is rather novel.


I think that what you did is probably fine for conditioning purposes, but that’s far too late, and too long of a distance to be particularly effective for strongman competitors. In strongman competitions, I’ve seen a couple things… When the carry is for a particular distance, I’ve never seen anything above about 30m. When a carry is for time (usually 1 minute), I haven’t really seen anyone go over about 100m, and that would be very very fast.

I think varying weights actually is a good idea if you’re going to train with farmers handles more than once a week, but I was giving my advice based on the idea that he would probably only be training with them once per week, and I wanted to advise on what I think is the most effective use of that time.

At the end of the day, what random should be doing is working towards an 8-10 second run with the implement he’s training with, for the length of the course he will be competing on. That’s generally about what it takes to win in strongman, for some reason. Most promoters set up their events so that the combination of weight and distance makes a time like this possible, and that’s usually what will win.


I’ll elaborate a little more on why I suggested the method I did for farmers.

For farmers, and carries in general, the key to success is the ability to generate high foot speed under a load. From my experience, the best way to do this is to learn the foot speed first, and slowly acclimate to be fast with heavier and heavier weights. If you’re really slow to start with under a heavy load (contest weight), it’s very hard to improve by just using that weight over and over and trying to be faster. It’s much more effective to train under loads that allow you to move quickly.

I’ll also add that oftentimes, I do sprints of like 10-20 feet to work on my pick/take-off. That’s where most time is lost. That, and if you lose grip, that costs you time. If you can develop a very efficient pick and get off the line quickly, it will be incredibly valuable.


Ok so currently I’m doing West Side and I feel like I am adaoting very well to it, I’m going to do it to address some current weakpoints mainly in my squat @BOTSLAYER I think I remember speaking to you and you said you did West Side?, If so is this correct?

Max Effort - Upper Body
Floor Press 8x 1-3
60kg 2x3
70kg 2x3
75kg 1x3
80kg 1x3
85kg 1x3
90kg 1x3
95kg 1x1
Close Grip Incl Bench 50kg 4x10
BBell Tricep Extension 30kg 4x10
Cable Pulldown 45kg 4x10
Lever Reverse Fly 20kg 4x10
Barbell Row 70kg 4x10

Dynamic Effort - Lower
Deadlift 110kg+Red Band 9x3 1.25 secs/rep
Box Squat 80kg 6x2 1.5 secs/rep

Dynamic Effort - Upper
Bench 70kg+Red Band 9x3 1.25 secs/rep
Dumbell Bench 32.5kg 4x7
JM Press 40kg 4x10
Dumbell OHP 4x10 22.5kg (next time do these first)
Hammer Curl 17.5kg 4x10

Max Effort - Lower Body
Box Squat 8x 1-3
60kg 1x3
100kg 2x1
105kg 1x1
110kg 2x1
115kg 1x1
117.5kg 1x1
Good Morning 4x10 80kg
Lying Leg Curl 4x10 50kg
Incline Sit Up 4x10 20kg
Sled Pull 2.5mins 20kg

Max Effort - Upper Body
Floor Press 8x 1-3
60kg 2x3
80kg 2x3
82.5kg 1x1
85kg 1x1
87.5kg 1x1
95kg 1x1
97.5kg 1x1
100kg 1x1
102.5kg 1x1
Close Grip Incl Bench 57.5kg 4x10
BBell Tricep Extension 32.5kg 4x10
Cable Pulldown 50kg 4x10
Lever Reverse Fly 50kg 4x10


I am a strong supporter of NOT Westside aka Conjugted aka Muscle Confusion for anybody who isnt in lifting in Gear :smiley:

If you want to have some fun and variety in your training then by all means conjugated muscle confusion is a lot of fun, but it is far from optimal for a raw lifter.

In my opinion the best way to get a better Raw insert Big 3 Lift here is to do that lift.

For the variety I would then conjugate the assistance lifts to attack weaknesses.

Still, in my personal experience both as a coach and lifter the best way to fix a sticking point is to just do more work on the competition lift that needs it.

EDIT: FOR ALL PROGRAMS EFFORT WILL BE THE BIGGEST FACTOR!!! And everybody is different so IF this is working for you or just something you want to try THEN TRY IT!!!

Also saw your Bench in Post #2 and I like your form. I think you just have long arms. I think you could work that arch a bit more though, especially being younger and more flexible.


Yes, I’m 5ft 8" but I’d say my arms are kinda long for my height and it would explain why my deadlift is quite good, I’m much stronger and better with my form on the bench since then and haven’t worn a belt in a couple months.

But by doing the floor press I’m applying a different stimulus to my chest while basically doing the competition lift, after a cycle (after 3 weeks max of max effort ofc) I might test my 1RM’s but it seems to be going really well, last session I could barely do 95kg on the floor press and I did 102.5kg on the next! I was so happy with that, tried the 105 but it wouldn’t budge, hopefully next time.

Would you class boards, bands etc. ?
I currently don’t have much equipment only bands in the gym so if I was going to do say a 2 board press I’d just substitute it for a pin press approximately 2 inches from my chest and just get really creative with it.


Well Rampant you’ve seen me go from 55kg to 75kg (I’m now weighing around 76-77kg) So I’ve hit that minimum, I am incorporating fresh orange now and god does that help digestion lmao, I’m like a human woodchipper with that now.