Random's T-ransformation 2018

I thought I’d just make a log for 2018 instead of making single logs for different programmes,
I’m now at 72kg so that’s good at least…

Doing this plan currently.

So far this is what I’ve done.

Workout 1 - Week 1
Dumbell OHP 22.5kg 5x5
Bench Press 70kg 5x3 6x1
Squat 100kg 5x3
Dumbell Row 37.5kg 10x3
Tricep Pushdown 50kg 8x3
Close Dumbell Press 15kg 8x1 17.5kg 8x2
Overhead Tricep Extension 7.5kg 10x1 10kg 10x1
Chest Press 40kg 10x3 15 sec rest

Workout 2 - Week 1
Banded Bench Press 50kg+Red Band 3x5
Speed Deadlift 100kg 3x5
Lat Raise 12.5kg 10x3
Face Pulls 5 Plates 10x3
Bar Curls 25kg 10x2 16x1 15kg 30x1

Workout 3 - Week 1
Bench Press 72.5kg 3x3
Squat 100kg 3x1 102.5kg 3x1 105kg 3x1
Pull Up 10kg 3x1 12.5kg 3x1 15kg 3x1
Tricep Pushdown 55kg 8x3
Close Dumbell Press 20kg 8x1 22.5kg 8x2
Overhead Tricep Extension 10kg 10x1 12.5kg 10x2
Chest Press

I think my bench plateu has something to do with me pressing too close and narrow, this is my Bench bow I’ve changed it, If someone can critique my form on the upper section, as I’m fairly sure my lower section is correct, I tend to bench with a belt it helps me get tight and this was Workout 3’s Bench, Usually I’d struggle hard with something like that but it looked a lot smoother in this vid

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Quick question: Are you doing the T-ransformation challenge? If so, you’ll need to toss a Before pic up as soon as possible (here in your log is fine, not necessarily in the main thread). If not, do me a favor and edit your thread title to avoid confusion.

Ok I have a before pic and are you able to put it in there because I’m puzzled

20180108_194157Me at 60KG after doing GOMAD and a general 5x5 programme at home with a barbell going from 50-55KG to 60KG around December 2016… Excuse the bloat it’s my IBS playing up.
2f37b38e964162b14e1494ed030be08ca48cc724_1_375x500 Here I am at 65KG in January 2017

70KG in March 2017

Yesterdays bad attempt at posing but I’m at 72.1kg now so I think I may have broke the plateu but lets now jinx it.

I am happy @RampantBadger and co gave me the guidance I needed I basically gained around 36lbs in just over 3 months.

Cool, just need a current pic from straight in front, arms down at the side (like the pose in the second pic).

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Will do in an hour, cheers.

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Front pic at 72.1kg @Chris_Colucci can you also rate my bench form in that video?

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Ok, I think you should set some bodyweight goals for the transformation something like ideal weight 80kg, and minimum hit say 75.

Also ‘program’ in heavy eating or even junk days each week as this seems to be your main stumbling block

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Good luck.

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Yeah it’s just income I might just try add more what I can, should be getting a new job soon which involves a lot of cycling I’ll just eat and sleep more to compensate for it.

This was todays workout it told me to go light which makes sense as on Thursday I think I’ll be 1 or 2 rep maxing, I’ve also got my girlfriend working out with me so I have a spotter now.

Workout 1 - Week 2
Medicine Ball Push Up 20x5
Banded Bench Press 50kg+Red Band 3x5
Dips 15x2 +5kg 19x1
Curl 30kg 12 25kg 12 20kg 12 15kg 12 10kg 20

@RampantBadger what did you think of the form on my Bench, I’d changed my arm position so I think my chest is just weak as I haven’t had the correct arm position before it looked more narrow and tucked like a tricep press.

The banded bench presses are just purely for speed and power and form.

Looked pretty solid. Nothing really jumped out too much. I don’t get the idea of wearing a belt when benching. I mean, I “get it”, but I don’t agree with it. Especially at that kind of weight, you want to be able to stabilize your own core and get tight for benching unassisted. It’s not wrong, it’s just unnecessary. I’d try to wean off it.

Also, pretty sure you were moving your feet and/or hips after you unracked. Big nope on that. Lie down, plant your feet, unrack the bar, and don’t move from the waist down other than to drive with the legs. If you need to adjust your stance, do it before taking the bar out.

Last thing, not anything to do with you, but it looks like that rack is about an inch or two too high. Juuuuuuust high enough to get the bar out, but a smidge too high to stay totally tight. I hate benches like that. If the gym has a setup where you have to “press” the bar out just a little bit, I’d try using that one instead. It’ll keep you from losing upper back tightness at the start.

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I think I just wore it after squatting but I will stay off it and I usually have my girlfriend unrack for me she was just recording but thanks, I’ll keep those tips in mind.

Absolutely smashed that plateu did 80KG x2 with this new plan, I said it was 80 in the past but only with the 1RM calculator and never had the confidence to do it, I also weighed in at 72.5kg this morning.

Workout 2 - Week 2
Bench 2x5 70kg 72.5kg 75kg 77.5kg 80kg
Squat 2x5 110,112.5,115,117.5,120
Weighted Pullups 17.5kg 3x3
Lat Raise Dumbell 12.5kg 15x2 20x1
Leaning Lat Fly 10kg 12x2 20x1 7.5kg 12
Pushdown 50,55,60,65kg 8-10x4
Chest Press 15sec rest 42.5kg 10x3
Close dbell press 22.5kg 8x1
Medicine Ball Pressup 15x2 20x1

Beltless and sorry the tshirt is a little small so it looks like a crop top when I arch my back

Form looks fine, however one vid you are taking the bar to chest, the other stopping a bit over an inch off. Either can work but pick one and be consistent, personally touch chest with very brief pause.

Finish this program and lets see the results, but if training three days a week Texas method or something like that would be preferable. -also from that vid you need to learn to grind more and build up your reflexes and that will help.
Actually think Thibs new “Best Damn version 2” would be good for you if want higher frequency/still itching to be in gym 5-6 days

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To be honest I think one of my goals is to do a powerlifting meet so should I take it all the way to the bottom or do they allow an inch and I usually go to bottom it’s just that I was going 95% on it

Yeah I will probabaly go back to doing a 5/3/1 Template one of the altered ones by Jim, since it boosted my bench so much but I stood on the scales today at 74kg some of it will be food mass but not a lot of it, It’s probabaly better to do 3 or 4 days per week since I will be working for Deliveroo soon so I will be cycling alot and eating 6k cals minimum, But I think this programme has gave me a ticket to the gainz train again because eating now just seems so easy.

Always have to touch in powerlifting and then hold it there a second til given the ‘press command’ -so quite a bit harder

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Ok I thought so, Usually I tend to get stronger if I cheat, Back when I was 15 I could barely curl the 10kg dumbells but I did a little swing dance cheating like crazy but that built me the strength to do them strict lol

Currently weighing around 74kg

Plans since last post:

Workout 3 - Week 2
Romanian Deadlift 10x3 80kg, 90kg, 95kg
Incline Press 60kg 10x3
Wide Grip Cable Row 50kg 10x3
Tricep Rope Pushdown 60kg 8x3
Medicine Ball Pressup 25x2 30x1
Curl 15,15,15,15,20 weight 30,25,20,15,10 15 sec rest

Workout 1 - Week 3
Bench Press 4x1 77.5kg 4x3 80kg
Squat 6x4 100,105,107.5,110
Dumbell Row 8x4 40kg
Bench Hold Cheat Reps 90kg 1x4
Curl 16,16,16,16,26 Weight 30,25,20,15,10 15sec rest

Workout 2 - Week 3
Speed Squat 90kg 3x6
Speed Bench 60kg+Red Band 3x6
Lat Raise Dumbell 15kg 10x3
Lean Lat Fly 12.5kg 12 15kg 12 17.5kg 12
Lat Pulldown 15sec rest 60,55,50,45kg 10x4
Machine Back Row 50,50,55kg 10x3


Workout 3 - Week 3
Bench 82.5x3 85x3 87.5x2 90x2 92.5x1
Deadlift 130x2 132.5x3 135x3
Pullup 20kg 3x4

I GOT 92.5kg for 1 yet in the previous 2 sessions 90kg was like 10% increase to my 1RM wow…

I could have tried for more on dl problem was that I tried for 3 for 135kg and burned myself out.