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Random's DoggCrapp Log


Ok, scrapping my last log because I want to advertise I’m doing DC as it is quite a detailed plan and I hope people will correct me on mistakes I might be making, I really don’t think I’m making any at the moment as I’m adding size on crazy fast!

Current 1RM’s
Squat: 190kg based off of 1RM calc
Bench: 115kg (not currently doing flat, but
gained strength from incline and
Deadlift: 200kg
OHP: 84kg based off of 1RM calc.

T-Ransformation 2018 Pic:


T-Ransformation 2019 Pic:

Front Double Bicep pic (Probs not my most flattering pose but it is easy):

Doctors scale pic:

Systolic is quite high but I’d attribute that to water and fast weight gain

My Goals for 2019:
To gain size and strength, I’m aiming for 100kg hopefully, I then want to cut down but the cut is more of a long term goal as I think it will take some time to get to 100kg and the challenge will be over.

The Log:

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Definitely looking solid and filled out, but like I mentioned in the announcement thread, official Before pics should be your condition as close to Jan 1 as possible.

So you’re off to a good running start from now to then, but we’re all still about 5 and a half weeks out.

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I’m always in for a DC log


Ok I should keep this thread alive so if I forget remind me, thanks a lot and that’s what I got for eating 5700 calories haha

Also I wasn’t too keen on spamming the thread with my workouts so could I upload my google drive link for the plan?


I think people’ve done that before. It just may make it a bit trickier to get feedback, having people see the link in the log, go to the link to view the workouts, then come back to the log to discuss whatever.

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You’ll only be training 3 times a week if you’re on the 2 way split so it’s hardly spamming

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Yeah sorry I just meant that structually it is laid out more neat and this allows me to know what excersize was easy last workout to determine a weight to push myself,

Now I’m finished with week 3 my weights should all be in check now, but this plan has seriously added some mass to me, it’s bringing my lats out and arms!

It’s up now so you can take a look and critique it if you like, as for the Widowmakers I put say 10+10 meaning, I did 10 reps kept it unracked waited banged out another 10 one at a time.

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Looks pretty good to me, only thing that I noticed was that you’re only doing (or logging) one set for back thickness exercises.

The official recommendation for DC is two straight sets for back thickness in different rep ranges. (Say 9-12 followed by 6-9). Although I do believe that in some of the older posts Dante did recommend only doing one set of back thickness, but it has since been changed to two sets.

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I was except for the RDL’s I only started putting x2 on the Rows, I should change that but thanks!

1st time back on to week 1 went good, I still hit the rep range, the dude spotting me made me really fight for the last rep so I added *1 to display it was a forced rep, Absolutely tanked the dumbells for 12 reps, I almost doubled in reps from last time!, need to sort my deadlift out I’m trying to adjust to my new belt and also I’ve got some straps and I’m going to start using them on deadlifts, some say my grip strength won’t grow from using them but I’m not sure. I’ve read conflicting arguments online.

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Lower went really good, pretty sure I made a PR and added more reps on everything.

I did nicely on my last session too, my lats are growing nicely on DC, got a blood donation today and I’m training Legs and Bi’s :confused: I was going to have 3 hours and a half before training.

I think I have an issue with my shoulder I can just never get that back/front double bicep right it’s almost like tightness that prevents my left from being as free as my right, unless I’m just bad at it lol.

EDIT: No training today due to blood donation.

so confused, you gave or received blood?

Gave, when I went there they told me not to workout, which is probably for the best.

I’ve worked out after a blood test foolishly before and burst a blood vessel, gym would have closed if I didn’t WHATEVER IT TAKES (Jokes though that was stupid).

Gotcha. The way I read it I thought you were a vampire who got a free meal or something.

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Well I did have an Iron deficiency (it’s now sorted) but you never know lol

Training went well yesterday managed to add another 5kg to my squat and hit the same reps, Tried my new belt with 140kg and felt so weak so I did it beltless as usual guess I have to break it in, I put that into the 1rm calculator and it thinks I’m at a 195kg Squat which is great!, I’m at 85kg now that picture was quite watery I just made such quick gains on this plan.

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@danteism This plan seems to be going good weights are starting to sta now though so I’m going to deload with the same excersizes at 60% of 1rm for a week then go again but change the excersizes…

One problem though, this plan seems to be doing no favours for my deadlift, by the time I’m done I’m too fatigued to hit the rep ranges I know I’m strong enough to do, Not sure what to do about it.

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Looking good matey. Can definitely see those gains👍

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You could try having some intra-workout carbs and salt and taking a bit longer rest before deads

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