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Randomly Sore Nipple


Been taking 250ml test e & 1.5mg arimadex

Last 3 weeks, my right hand side nipple is very sore at random days … very odd.

No lump - more so the bone that’s sore… Never had this before been on TRT last 9 months.

What is your protocol? Are you taking it all at once or divided doses? I assume that is your weekly amount.

Protocol is:

125mg E3D test e

0.2 per day as I know it’s not as effective in one
Dose … I use research arimadex - didn’t know you had to shake the bottle before use … So my dosage may have been off.

I get a tingling in my left nipple from time to time. When I get it I up my arimadex from a 1/4 table to 1/2 and it goes away in about two hours. I use .25mg of arimadex every other day but it tablet not a injectable.

taking 250mg of Testosterone weekly is a fairly large dose. have you confirmed that your other systems can handle the load (i.e. - thyroid and adrenals)?

low cortisol results in increased aromatase to E2.

Really ?

Would you recommend dropping it for a while to see if I better respond ?

You are getting sore nipples because you are using steroid levels of t, and it is causing too much conversion to e 2.

I’ll drop it back to 125mg divided in two shots … See if that helps.