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Randomly Gagging Throughout the Day


As of six weeks ago I took my training and diet to the next level. I decided I want to do a take a shot at competing sometime in the future. I've been having great results, but about 3 weeks ago I started gagging while at the gym. I figured it was my intra workout drink, so I removed some supps to see it it would stop. It didn't.

I went through this deletion process with everything. Even down to swapping my sources of carbohydrates. Nothing has worked. It is NOT nausea and I am not lactose intolerant. Eventually it got to the point where I will randomly gag throughout the day for no reason, training or not. Even when I'm in bed it hits me.

My supps are Creatine, BCAA, Glutamine, ZMA, Protien, and Karbolyn. My diet is 6 meals a day with 8oz meat and 70g carbs.

Has anyone experienced this before?


This happened to me about a year ago, for a period of a few months. I don't have a good answer for the solution but I do remember thinking it would never go away because I was very self-aware of it, if you know what I mean. I also remember thinking it was related to changing my breakfast habits at the time (I started to skip breakfast for a while), though I'm not sure if my reasoning was correct.

Changing the way or things I eat didn't help, although I did get back on eating on a proper schedule.
I also believed it would never stop because I thought my body would get used to repeating the same reflex/movement so often.

I don't remember when it exactly it stopped after those few months - which says something about the solution: it stopped around the time I started to really ignore it.

I hope this helps.