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Random Workout Questions


Question 1
I have 1 month off of school, a lot of time to workout, and a lot of food to buy. I was doing GVT part 1, but i lost my gains in the last two weeks bc of finals and I'm feeling deflated.
I'm thinking I should go for GVT part 2. Or should i do the 21 day itch?

Question 2
I do 20 pushups whenever i can remember on days when i don't workout. This is from the 100 reps a day program. Should i shoot for 200 pushups a day on non workout days? Also, I do 20 situps at a time in a similiar manner? Any thoughts?

Question 3
My eating goals are 300g-400g carbs in the morning(100 g liquid carbs on workout days). 300g protein and at least 100g fat each day. i'm 185/5"11(not cut, but not fat). Does this sound about right? I have a very hard time getting my carbs in unless i start pounding liquid carbs. Any tips to get all my carbs in the morning?

Question 4
I mix a shot of olive oil with my protein shake at night(maybe a little more). and i keep another protein shake with olive oil near my bed at night if i wake up. Is this a bad idea? It doesn't taste bad so i don't mind it, but is this too much?

Question 5
I want to incorporate the Olympic lifts into my workouts. Which ones and on what days(the split is bench/pullups, deadlifts,squat, and dip/curls) I really like them, but i'm not sure how or when to incorporate them.

MY goals are to bulk.


Lot of random info here. What are these pushups for, you entering a pushup competition or something ? If you have a decent programme where you work chest on a specific day, you don't want to be doing pushups at all really, unless you do them occasionally as an alternative chest exercise.

If you want to bulk, train 3-4 times a week working on the multi-joint (aka compound) exercises like Squats, Bench, Deadlifts, Militarty Press and Chins/Pulls. Substitute dips and rows now and again for variation and don't overtrain. You current calories looks at about 3700kcal +. This is probably an ok amount, but whats this need to shovel all the carbs down in the morning ?

The big carb feeding should be post workout, I'd use 100g of maltodextrin with about 30g protein, don't add fat to this is delays absorption.

Protein drink before bed should be replaced by proper food, for example cottage cheese with olive oil and some NSPS (fibrous) material like apples, oatmeals or all bran or something. The idea is it gives you a time release effect, quite the opposite of what you want post workout when insulin sensitivity is high.

If you wake in the night the protein shake is ideal, with moderate carbs say 20-25g.


Stay away from too many fish capsules if you want to bulk. They boost your metabolis rates, so often times the effects are negative. One a day is good, in fact, it's recommended for the extra fat (I think 100 grams of fat in a 600-g diet is too little anyways, Berardi recommends 25-35% of your diet come from fat). But if you pop too many, it won't be helpful. I hope I haven't forgotten any details.

Anyways, at night, cottage cheese is the best to eat. Mix up a shake of cottage cheese and peanut butter. Tastes nasty but you will reap the benefits!


Whats up man? A month off of school is a great time to put on some size without the stress of a busy schedule. I have not read the particular workout program you are on so I won't comment on that. What are your total carbs for the entire day? I think by general guideline you should shoot for 500-600 more calories than your basic caloric requirement for any given day. You say you are in school, I am assuming you are in your early 20's. I would shoot for at least 4000 cal./day to gain. And roughly that shoud be 60% carbs, 20-25% protein, and 15-20% fat. This is considered standard in the nutrition world as far as a reasonable weight gain program is concerned. Supplements will make that goal much easier. Consider a weight gainer, but not one loaded with sugar.

I would also consider swithing from olive oil in your shakes to flax oil. You will get the benefits of the healthy fats as well as some important fatty acids (omega 6's, 9's etc.)As far as Olympic lifts.. don't over complicate a gaining routine. Stick to the compound, multi-joint exercises, like the ones you listed, and go heavy! Change up your workout often and keep those calories coming in and you will be on the right track. Hope this helps. It has worked great for me.