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Random Workout Generator

I have been toying with a weekly workout generator and I have come up with something I like quite a bit.

I’d be happy to share it with anyone who wants to take a look.

Here are the basics. I built this to work out 5 times over 8 days, following a basic Westside style split on workout days 1-4. Workout 5 is a random GPP or Energy system workout.

All of the assistance movements are random in the set/rep scheme. There are 4 movements in addition to the main move. They are done in 2 supersets each in the rep scheme designated by the spreadsheet.

The assistance moves are flexible. For example, if it is a lat day, and the scheme calls for low reps, I’ll do weighted chins, but if it’s higher reps I might do prone supported rows.

It sounds complicated to me as I read this, but it really isn’t. Simply open the file, write down the next 5 workouts, and go.

When you get the spreadsheet, simply put the cursor in an empty cell and hit delete, and the sheet will recalculate and you’ll get a good feel for how randon it is.


sounds interesting! Have a copy of that sheet?

Dan John has something like that on his site, called the WOR 2004. Using a 6-sided die, you make 4 rolls. 1 for the day’s diet, 1 for the lift/s of the day, 1 for the set/rep scheme, and 1 for the workout finisher. It’s 2 tons of fun.

PM me if you want it… I forgot to add that.

Dan John’s die randomizer was the reason I started trying to do this with Excel.



I know Dan would love to see that. However, we would have to keep this a secret and not let anyone know. I have no idea how to do anything with a spread sheet. I’ll let Dan know about this topic.


Here are 2 samples of what this thing does…

The original WOR 2004 is still available. The updates didn’t work out as planned. The tap for the keg kept making it roll threes…

[quote]LA wrote:
Here are 2 samples of what this thing does…[/quote]