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Random Weightlifting Videos I Like


That was epic lol.

my GOD I’ve seen that before but… THAT GUY IS AWESOME.

The third lifter is hilarious

[quote]lordstorm88 wrote:

my new favorite lifter[/quote]


My second favorite weightlifter. :wink:

You guys really have to watch this. You really do.

How awesome is David Rigert???

there are 4 more in this guy’s channel.

cant even see his spine anymore.

awesome thread…

the California strength guys

This one is awesome

Not just because its hot women. I find that for the most part women have a bit better tech than most men. I think it is due to women trusting tech and men trying more to trust strength. I noticed this when watching the Euro championships in Kazan a few months ago. It also seems to be true at local comps as well.

[quote]lordstorm88 wrote:

my new favorite lifter[/quote]

That pretty much sums up weightlifting for me…awesome attempt! Anyone know who he is?

I found out recently his name is gagloev soslan

just found this
@7:40 has to be one of the funniest misses i’ve seen

Summons that hilarious.

not only can he CnJ 198kg he can back flip too.

[quote]alexus wrote:

Nice vid!

[quote]alexus wrote:

Nice vid!

Ok now it’s just ridiculous…

[quote]lesfayes wrote:
Ok now it’s just ridiculous…

he snatched 202 from a deficit yesterday as well, thats the craziest snatch i have ever seen