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Random Weightlifting Videos I Like


devote your favorite weightlifting videos here... I'm particularly making this thread to videos that are somewhat lesser known, so maybe you can do the same (we've all seen the popular ones)... holy ellipses...

will post more later




Not exactly an obscure lifter, but I don't think these training clips of his are as well known.


I've been diggin around and watchin some of the old school world championships and lifters like this 1987 USSR championship with Taranenko


nice guys, exactly what i'm talking about.




40 minute old ass Russian video... in Russian... I skipped around, lol



Not really a lifting video but one of my favourites. Doesn't show any lifting, but epitomises all that is great about weightlifting. Three of the greatest athletes you're ever likely to see, all humble to a fault and great comraderie.

You can skip to 1:45

All finished with the same total. Medals went on bw.

Another in a similar vein.

Can't help feeling sorry for the other two lifters. Asanidze looks amused, but Rybakou seems a bit pissed off.


Not really a video, but here are two national level lifters from our club. Hope you don't mind these here:

Kevin Cornell:

He hit 142 at the Arnold's this year.

Made 175 @ Arnold

Mike Nackoul (going to Jr. World's this year - just took third at Collegiates in LA this weekend. Though, in all fairness, Kendrick Farris is 25 and is in college taking a golf course. Mike if carrying a full load @ MIT!)



I have heard that in the press conference after the 2nd video a reporter said "I have a question for the bronze medalist" to which Asanidze interupted, "Pirros Dimas is not a bronze medalist! He is a 3 time olympic champion".


Is it just me or is it funny in an odd way that some of the strongest dudes on the planet are bumping Brittnay Spears during their training?


yes... it is weird.

I play Amon Amarth for my club, and they seem to like it...

However last Saturday my bud put on some trance/dance type music for us... felt like I was in the Polish OTC.


I can totally believe that. And I thought they couldn't go further up in my estimations!




At 1.15 how on earth did she manage to stand that up? Awesome.

And I didn't recognise Klokov with the beard and head band until he started "roaring".



my new favorite lifter