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Random Video of My Jumping &. Training


Hi, I'm new on the forum but I've been reading T-Nation for a long time...

Here's a video of me ahahahahah http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbxOVsclzeI


Those purple pants...burn them. Also, you do know that a deadlift is meant to be locked out right?


Nice deadlift at the end for your size.

And where do I get me some of those purple genie pants?


Can't touch this.


Nice deadlift at the end? I've watched the video four times now and I have yet to see a deadlift at the end. I saw a partial deadlift, but that's all, and band-assisted at that.

For the record, Frank Yang's workout compilation video is better.


Don't worry.. I know the reverse band deadlift at the end was failed lollll

Yes, he had an incredible vertical leap!

I bought those Aladdin pants in Montreal!


I like these parkour type things. I kinda wish I could still move like that, but after many years of abuse, my joints and muscles just don't respond the way I would like.


It's no planking.


Nice chins