Random Things

Actual Things People Said In The Gym:

“I don’t like this preacher bench, I can’t feel it in my chest” (while performing scott curls).

“Bouncing the bar off my chest helds build muscle” (referring to flat bench presses).

“I don’t think diet has anything to do with building muscle. If you worked out more, you would be bigger.”

Me: “Hey, How many sets you got left?” (pointing to the squat rack where the meathead was doing barbell shrugs)
Him: “Nine!”
Me: “Riiiight.”

Clueless Girl: "What’s a good exercise for my butt?:
Retard Guy: “Smith Machine Squats”
Clueless Girl: “What’s a smith machine?”
Retard Guy: “It helps build more muscle by making it harder”

Those are pretty good, but not nearly as stupid as my friend who chided me for wasting my time with squats. I asked him “wouldn’t you get stronger faster if you worked all muscle groups instead of just the upper body?” and he conceded that is was wise to squat, but then told me that he didn’t need to because he did so much jogging. I tried to explain that jogging is an endurance exercise whereas squatting is not, so they don’t work the same, but he wasn’t buying it.