Random Stuff............

First, I was just flipping through that free magazine they send when you get a gold card. I see an advertisement from MMUSA for Golf Advantage Creatine Serum. LOL What a load of shit! What is it formulated to target your gold muscles? Funny shit.

Second- Whats the deal with Splenda? I bought it in a box, and the box feels empty. I open it up, and this stuff that looks like snow blows all over the place! Very light and fluffy. I used it on my oatmeal. I think I’ll stick with equal for my oameal. The crystals are just too big, and it does taste like sugar, but you gotta use a mountain of it to sweeten a sup of oatmeal to liking. Equal takes a tiny packet, and basically dissapears.

The Edge: “wishing he could come up with cool things to say like MB Eric since he joined the forum in early 2001”

That’s quite kind of you Edge. Gives me that warm feeling coupled with a Yoda/David Koresh complex. Not that I’ll act on it…

“MB Eric: Attempting to find the protein to fat ratio of muppet since 1965.”