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Random sex

Is it me or does everyone seem to be slutty these days? Both male and female, everyone sleeps around all the time these days. (I’m in university by the way). Does anyone have any moral standards left anymore?

Not me.

Anyone else?

“Morals are private. Decency is public”

~ Rita Mae Brown

I know up until a year ago if somethin stood still long enough i’d try to have sex with it.

I’m not gonna say how long it’s been, but it’s waaayyyyy to long. I really should be compromising some of this lofty morals of mine. :wink:

BFA, well I have decided after your statement to become a perpetual motion machine. I am not taking any chances with you, even though you do have pretty calves.

Ike don’t worry about numbers. Sure it may have been along time, but if you count handjobs from the drunk guy hanging outside the 7-11 like I do the numbers won’t look so bad.
:slight_smile: Groove

Being half demon(nihon no amerikan), I have not had sex in the past 30 years. So am I to moral or a loser. On the plus side, there is more time train and eat good.

Maybe i was born without morals…


the question is not whether you have morals or not but can you actually get laid?? Maybe the moral thing is a cop-out because you can’t score…

Unfortunately, yes, it does seem like some people still have morals.

Please for the love of God… where are the sluts?

I am in college, and a devout Roman Catholic(tough situation to be in). I believe that as long as you don’t mislead a girl to get her into bed, or obviously take advantage of a girl who has been drinking then casual sex is not the worst thing in the world. Just my opinion though.

Yes I can get laid, I have a girlfriend so I get laid whenever I want. I brought this topic up because I see it quite alot around campus.

Random sex for me means it is the third tuesday of the month and for some reason only known to god and possibly the CIA my wife is in the mood.

I’ve been married for a while.

Only women are sluts, NOT men.

So because you only bang one girl you are special?? And others who bang many have no morals??

You’re no different than anybody else.

Unless you’re married, everybody is fucking everybody.

For the sake of getting laid I don’t think I would care too much about a girl’s promiscuous behaviour as long as she was disease free, and wasn’t a big ugo. On the other hand if I were looking for a permanent girlfriend, then loose sluts would be out of the question, as I don’t think slutty girls are very trustworthy. PLus they’re just slutty, and who wants a woman that’s all used up anyway?

I forgot to mention this before, but I agree that men cannot be sluts, while women can be. Evolutionary speaking it is advantageous for men to screw as many women as possible since women do not advertise when they’re ovulating. As such men do not know if the woman they screw is going to have their offspring or not; therefore to increase their fitness it would make sense for them to screw as many women as possible in hopes of these women producing their offspring.

Women on the other hand have no such excuse encoded into their genes, so they can be labelled as sluts,whores, hoes,etc., while men cannot be.

Jerome: In the university age group, most people don’t want a serious relationship. 20-something is too early to be caught up in that. People look for different levels of stability and intensity at various stages in life. Being at a different stage doesn’t mean thinking someone with another approach is wrong–they just have different goals at that point. Consistent, scrupulously honest communication ensures that each partner has compatible goals. So–don’t lose faith in humanity; just take a “big picture” perspective. :slight_smile:

In a similar but opposite topic, I’m a virgin, not by choice…but by circumstance. So therefore, I want YOU to tell ME where these random sex acts are occurring and maybe, juuuuust maybe, I might be able to encounter and take part in some of this so-called random sex.

Anuther producktiv thred.

Women take advantage of me when I’m drunk. Apparently, a girl moves up on the ranking scale at a rate of a half point for every shot. Thus that 4 moves into that acceptable 7-8 range after only 6-7 shots. Fortunately, there is a protective mechanism built in, in that a 1 can’t move up to a seven becuase I’ll be way too drunk to do anything by that point where she might. Otherwise, I might have met with disaster long ago. It may be though that my standards move down when I drink, rather than the looks moving up though.
Those beer goggles are fun when you have 'em, but not the next day when your friends have the pictures… or the next week… or the next month… or…
Some things I never seem to live down.
It’s a good thing I don’t get wasted nightly.
Now, it’s time for me to go drink and embarress myself with something besides my spelling.