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Random Roommates


my little brothers roommate pisses the bed. he's like 20, what the hell? their apartment smells terrible..

the dude just srolled out of his room like nothings wrong

his room is like a rainforest with steamy piss and flies....humid piss

they just moved into this apartment last week and it smells so bad already
f***** random roommates right?


Maybe he's a serial killer in the making, they have problems with wetting the bed longer than usual.

Does he light fires and torture children and animals?


he does spray lysol on flies


It only counts if you LIGHT the Lysol and go after the with the "flamethrower".


My buddy did this well in to his late twenties. He was usually blacked out drunk, stoned and fucked up on pills though.

Poor guy fell off the horse freshman year of college and wet the bed ever since. He went to rehab a couple years ago and I have not heard from him since. I hope he's sober and his bed is dry though.

Hahahaha, he was quite the ladies man though, I remember many bitches waking up wet and being PISSED the morning after a night on the town.


as a childi used to chase kids with a spray can and a lit match


The guitarist in my old band once pissed INSIDE his girlfriend during sex.


I remember some guitarist or singer or something like that on the Howard Stern Show about 15 years ago who claimed he pissed inside Madonna once. I can't remember what his name was though, which is an unforgivable shame since he's been my hero ever since.

Your guitarist never fucked Madonna, did he?


Odd. Was she asking for it? I mean literally of course.


No. He was so ugly, there's no way Madonna would allow it.



*Making a mental note to try this once.


LOL! Dude, it wasn't like she WANTED him to do it!


That is why it is funny as shit! "whoops, sorry!" Fuck I might start a porn site! Instead of surprise cream pies, surprise lemonade! If it makes money I will send you royalties.


chip znuff


They have porn where the guy pisses all over the woman and in her ass and mouth, not sure about the vagina though.


Hmmm maybe your brother's roommate just needs some encouragement to become what he is obviously destined to be?

Maybe encourage him to try the Lysol flamethrower thing on some cockroaches.


But is it a surprise, like they are just fucking and then he whizzes her box? More importantly is the pee genre profitable?


One of my roomate's in college used to piss the bed regularly, due to being piss drunk. I was usually drunker than he was though and never once pissed the bed.

Also, I was home for the Summer working and he stayed down at school. When I returned, he told me he finally went to wash his sheets for the first time in probably a year and found a dead mouse in his bed.


You should try to be a little more understanding as I doubt anyone that pisses the bed thinks "Hey! I'm going to be a bed wetter!"


I do not care if he pisses the bed really. What upsets me is the fact that he hasnt washed his bedding man. The apartments have a washer/dryer IN them and few new washing detergent.

How hard is it to toss your stuff in a washer if you wake up wet? How hard is it to put a cover on a mattress to stop it from being saturated?

It goes beyond simply being a bed wetter. It is about having the courtesy to take care of it so roommates and guests dont have burning eyes upon entrance.

Im not really downing him for wetting. I understand some people have developmental issues or whatever that has them doing it into their late teens and twenties.

I AM going to clown him everytime I see him for smelling like piss though. He's a grown ass man.

he isnt making a decsion to wet, youre right. He is making a decision to be a nasty bastard.