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Random Questions: Failure Training, Twice a Days, Training on the Go

Hey CT!

I have a couple of random questions if you dont mind :slight_smile:

Regarding the failure-style training: after the failure sets, are there any point adding extra pumping sets to a muscle? (I.e, growth factor stlye or very high rep sets to increase the blood flow?)

Also, after a muscle is trained failure style, how long do you think a miscle at least should rest before it can be trained in failure style again?

Also, whats your take on training bodybuilding style twice a day? Like voing back 6-10 hours later and training something small (like Arms or rear delts)

And at last what do you think the minimum amount of work is required a week to maintain a muscle? I am looking up to going to some combat medic training (3 weeks advanced “in field” training) in which I may only be able to go to the gym once or maybe twice week…

Also regarding the previous one, what do you what is the best band/bodyweight workout only when on the road?

Thanks in advance for your answers, would really appreciate if you took the time to answer them. Would mean a lot.

Yours truly,

No there is not since failure training by nature will bring a lot of blood to the muscle.

One thing to be careful with when doing more volume:

The more you deplete muscle glycogen, the more AMPK is increased. An increase in AMPK can inhibit mTor and mTor is the trigger that initiates protein synthesis.

In simpler words the more you deplete muscle glycogen the more you risk shutting down the anabolic effect of the workout.

So even if a set is perceived as “non stressful” (light pump work doesn’t cause a lot of muscle damage and do not puts a lot of strain on the CNS) it can constitute the breaking point that turn a productive session into one with little effect.

I’ve played with many frequencies, from hitting a muscle once a week to hitting it 6 days a week. While a higher frequency works well if you are using more of a neurological approach, it doesn’t work well for a type of training that is hard on the body or nervous system. While a high frequency (3-6 days a week) can work for a short blitz, for a “regular” training approach I will say that hitting a muscle twice a week is ideal.

You gotta be carefull with that. I’ve done it in the past before I had a more profound understanding of how muscle grow. If training twice a day leads to a lot more volume of work it will deplete glycogen more and could actually have a negative impact on your gains.

While we tend to associate doing more work with getting more gains, I am sad to say that it is not the case. Listen nobody loves to train more than I do. I’ve done some pretty crazy things in my training life. If I could train 3h a day, 7 days a week I would. I actually hate taking days off… but |I am actually forcing myself to do so because it is better for progress.

You should never take more pride in doing more work than in getting more results.

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In 3 weeks if you are properly fed you should actually not lose any muscle even if you don’t train at all. Well you might begin to lose some muscle in the 3rd week but it will be minimal… and that’s without even training (if caloric/nutrients intake is sufficient).

You WILL feel smaller but that is mostly because your muscles will hold less glycogen and water and will feel deflated. Your muscles might also feel less hard to the touch, but that is a neurological phenomenon from not lifting heavy.

So there is no doubt that you can maintain all of your muscle training once or twice a week.

It also has been my experience that those who built their muscles mostly through heavy lifting tend to lose les muscle than those who built it with more “pumping” methods.

can this be avoided with leucine( shutting down mTor i mean)?

No. Leucine will help increase the response of mTor to training but glycogen depletion will lead to a rise in AMPK which will inhibit mTor, no way around that except avoiding excessive glycogen use in training