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Random Protein Digestion Thought


i just finished downing my before bed protein shake (1 scoop whey, 1 scoop casein, water) and i had a random thought come across my mind. casein protein turns into a gel in your stomach, is it at all likely or possible that the whey protein mixed with it would get trapped in this "gel" and therefore not digested quickly as intended?


Perhaps; but something like this will not be the difference between where you are and where you want to be.


Had the same thought my self. I'm sure it would slow down digestion, to what degree who knows?


Don't quote me on this but I think I read in an article years ago by lyle mcdonald that casein only digests 2 grams an hour slower than whey.

Who knows though. I think he said whey was about 10g an hour and casein was 8g and I think eggs were like 6, but like I said I read that like years ago I dunno if its true

Edit: id look it up but I'm on my phone and have pt in 10 minutes


Why not just casien? Mix it with some whole milk and the fats will slow digestion down even more, not to mention it makes a great F'n pudding, which nothing beats before bed :slightly_smiling:

Thats not your question though, you are asking if the whey will get trapped in the casien gel and therfore also digest slower. Hmmmm... Interesting theory...I know a lot of guys used to put one scoop whey/one scoop casien in a post workout shake to get the best of both worlds. I think the guy who played THOR was just pitching that theory as well and he did a pretty good clean bulk for that movie.

If you look at his training regimen it was actually pretty decent. Big calories, heavy squats, heavy deads, not your typical hollywood bullsh*t. I would be curious to know if there is any truth to your question but.....

I guess my main question would be why not just casien? Is it so you can mix it to a drinkable state? (I know straight casien does NOT mix well) Is it because the the biological value of whey is higher? Or is it just for the hell of asking? :slightly_smiling:


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Not like I know as much as he does ^^^, but I quit using powder protein completely, except in pre and post shakes. I eat food before bed, or an hour before bed. When I had a protein shake pre bed, I ALWAYS woke up with a totally empty stomach, and then crapped it all out. Now with food, as in a meal, I NEVER wake up hungry or feeling empty. And less waste in the morning.


thanks for the interesting replies guys, it was just a totally random thought i had pop into my head so i figure no better place to check in and ask than here. i guess while were on the topic of casein, does anyone know exactly how slow it digests? ive heard up to 8 hours but as with everything in the world of bodybuilding theories contradict.


Interesting. Do you just disagree with the use of casien powders or food sources that are high in casien protien as well?