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Random Muscle Twitches

anyone else get random muscle twitches? I get them all the time in my calves and randomly all over my body. They are worse after a workout but I get them even when I don’t workout. I don’t have any weakness and can still workout fine.

I screwed up and googled them and now I think I’m dying.


Google benign fasciculation syndrome.

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Yeah I saw that when I was searching. It seems to make match up with that I have going on.

There were also some pretty nasty diseases that popped up when I searched.

I mentioned them to my doctor a while back and she said stress/anxiety.

They are pretty annoying so I’d like to find a way to get them to stop.

If you find a way to get them to stop, let me (and the world) know. Heavy doses of benzos (as in, heavy enough to interfere with cognitive functioning in most folks) can reduce (but not eliminate) them. And you won’t find a reputable doctor willing to prescribe benzos in those doses anyway.

If you need reassurance, ask your doc to refer you to a neurologist for a second opinion.

Thanks, I assume you deal with twitches too. I have had them a long time I don’t know why I just decided to worry about them recently.

Have you seen a neurologist?

I don’t want to get in the habit of second guessing my doctor, but I might see if I can get in with a nuero.

Yes, I have BFS. Yes, I have seen a neurologist.

Thanks for all the info.

I guess I’ll just trust my doc. I suppose if it was something serious it would have progressed by now? I’ve had twitches over a year and can still workout and do everything just fine.

Thanks again.

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Just looking around this site it seems pretty common.